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Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 11, 2013


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AJ Oliver

The message below was also emailed to city officials via email . .

I am concerned about the agenda item on accepting a grant from
the National Rifle Association.

The NRA is an extremist organization that . .

1. Opposes any and all reasonable firearms regulations. They carry a
large responsibility for the guns that are flooding Sandusky's

2. Takes money from foreign companies (like Glock) whose home
governments would NEVER allow such weapons to be sold on their own soil.
(Glock is based in Austria.)

3. Uses fear and bullying tactics to try to intimidate opponents - as
in calling President Obama a hypocrite, and dragging his daughters
into the dispute, while making FALSE claims.

Sandusky should not accept money from sources such as the NRA.

At the very least, acceptance of the grant should NOT be passed as an "emergency". The community deserves an opportunity for discussion and debate.

PAX, AJ Oliver

dorothy gale



The NRA defends the Right to Bear Arms that is part of the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution. If we were to allow the anti-gun advocates to have their way, only the criminal and the active military would have guns and we would be at risk of repeating the suffering of the events of the 1930's in Germany and Poland. Thankfully, there are veterans that will defend our rights and freedoms.


Indeed! My ever-lasting thanks to those veterans who fought for ALL of our unalienable rights, and who in their honor and sacrifice understand (and have always understood) that any infringement of ANY unalienable right is a threat to ALL of our unalienable rights.

AJ Oliver

Well, um, I'm a veteran. Not all of us think that guns are the way to solve or prevent problems. Quite the contrary. But would you agree that this should not be passed as an "emergency", and allow time for discussion and debate?
Thanks for your interest in the issue.

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The Hero Zone

Since Monday is Veterans' Day, the City Council meeting is on Tuesday Nov. 12. Just a heads up for anyone wanting to attend!

Jason Werling

Thanks Hero Zone, I set this to post last Thursday and had the day wrong. Fixed it.


@ A J Oliver only when every citizen in Sandusky is armed stopping Sandusky outlaws police killers women and children killers won't have an opportunity cause we will shoot them if we have to…



@AJ Oliver is right only in the sense that a gun isn't the answer to EVERYthing. Under some circumstances, the ONLY answer is a gun in the hands of somebody who knows how, and isn't afraid, to use it!

I wouldn't wish that ANYbody be victimized. But should Mr. Oliver ever find himself in the midst of a home invasion or something comparable, and his life or the life of a family member is immediately threatened, I'd dearly love to see him "hug" or "reason" the bad guys into going away!

An old acquaintance of mine (and former raving anti-gun liberal lawyer) was violently mugged on the streets of Minneapolis. He ended up taking firearms training and buying a gun. He told me: "A liberal in favor of gun control is just a conservative gun owner who hasn't been mugged yet." Indeed.

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