A dishonorable act

40 flags broken, stolen from veterans' graves at Lakeview Cemetery
Alex Green
Jun 11, 2014



Area residents are outraged, and perhaps sickened, by a classless act.

Debbie Hymore-Tester and Diane Belden placed about 40 small American flags on veterans' graves at Lakeview Cemetery during Memorial Day weekend, only to find them missing and broken Tuesday.

"I was very angry (when I found out)," Hymore-Tester said. "Diane and I worked hard to show respect."

Cemeteries and veterans have been popular topics of discussion in Port Clinton.

Port Clinton Mayor Vince Leone recently vowed to clean up the city cemeteries after the grounds were left in poor condition during Memorial Day weekend and prior to it, he said.

In December, Belden helped organize a memorable event: Catawba Island's participation in Wreaths Across America. Wreaths were placed on the graves of hundreds of deceased veterans that snowy day.

But despite all the attention and respect the cemeteries have been shown recently, someone, or a group of people, allegedly stole or broke all the flags Hymore-Tester and Belden placed.

The majority disappeared, Hymore-Tester said, while others were found broken in or around Lakeview Cemetery.

"It was despicable," she said. "People showed disrespect."

The women have since replaced the stolen or broken flags, but the damage has been done.

Anyone with information on the incident should contact Port Clinton police at (419)-734-3121.

The alleged thief could potentially face multiple counts of theft, police said.




Bottom Line

I would like to cordially wish countless horrible tragedies upon whoever is responsible for this. Including but not limited to large amounts of physical suffering.

Dwight K.

Bunch of scum bags...just like the ones that keep stealing my grandfathers WW2 plaque


Let's hypothetically fast forward this story.

The PC detectives spend two weeks tracking down the punks that did this. They then take the names and evidence to the honorable prosecutor.

Mulligan will say, "how many flags were ruined?", detectives respond, "40 flags". Mulligan, "how many flags were there?" Detectives, "45 flags total."

Mulligan, "Well, they didn't wreck them all. I see nothing criminal here. Case closed!"

Sorry Debbie, since you're not a Democrat, no justice for you! Big mistake, you should have said that Redfern paid for the flags! Then the punks would have been instantly indicted, with felony charges!

Welcome to Ottawa County!

Ralph J.



Personally I would like to be one of the people that gets to string those disrespectful little savages up. And then while we are at it, let's string up the parents for not teaching their offspring the meaning of respect. I can't even begin to fathom the point of desecrating United States Military Veteran's graves. There is no punishment fitting besides permanent deportation to any country that cannot enjoy the freedoms they so rightly do not deserve.


Have you seen the way some of the parents react/treat the military, veterans, or even the elderly? It is no wonder the way some children act. Parents do not teach respect and we all know schools do NOT teach respect, American History or the understanding of what Military Veterans mean to the country. Especially those resting in (what should be) peace. Some of those men and women paid the ultimate price for this country and this is what they are given, complete disrespect. Even IF the (I will use your term as it fits so well) disrespectful little savages are caught, mommy and daddy will have a lawyer plea them down. They will boohoo and cry about how it was just a mindless prank. Just a few flags, no harm was REALLY done. They will learn nothing, be sent on their way with a slap on the wrist and a stern talking too.

red white and blue

It was probably deertracker






I'm so tired of people who destroy things purely for the sake of destroying things. They don't steal and pawn things because they're hungry; they don't steal and keep things because they're greedy. I don't CONDONE those things, but at least I understand them!

Instead, this type of thug desides to uproot, break, desecrate, or relocate everything from decorations to actual outdoor constructs. Why? I have no idea. I'm not sure THEY have any idea! But we need to come up with a suitable punishment for kids who engage in this kind of "activity."

In THIS case, once they catch whoever did this, forget about fines or jail time. If they're 16 or older, sign them up for a four year hitch in the military. Maybe they'll learn a little respect for what soldiers do while they're there!


I like where you are going with this however, I had a punk kid in basic training with me, who was sent there by a judge. He had no respect for the commanding officers or other soldiers no matter how many times he was "taught a lesson" or we "practice combatives." If they are set in their ways of being disrespectful it is hard to knock it out of them sometimes. These guys just need a backyard old fashion @$$ whoopin and some community service putting new flags up and tending to the lawn at the cemetery