Speed bumps hit dead end

Huron to phase out existing bumps
Andy Ouriel
May 22, 2014


Thump goes the speed bump.
Huron officials recently outlawed anyone within city limits from constructing a speed bump.

“It’s no longer within the city’s code to allow this type of obstruction,” Huron city manager Andy White said. “The public safety committee has given council direction to discontinue this”

Officials contend speed bumps cause significant and unnecessary damage to vehicles. Furthermore, they hardly slow drivers down.

Anyone found violating this new law from here on out could face a minor misdemeanor charge paired with a $150 penalty, Huron law director Laura Alkire said.

The few speed bumps left — there are fewer than five in Huron — will eventually be phased out.

First up: Buckeye Road leading up to Woodlands Intermediate School. Construction crews plan to level the speed bump when this street gets paved sometime within a couple of years.


Licorice Schtick

Some speed bumps are worse than others. Bureaucrats are the worst.


I applaud you.


The narrow speed bumps can case damage to some cars even when they're not speeding, yet other cars can drive over them at freeway speed with no consequence. The wider "humps" when properly designed cause no damage at low speed, but still inhibit safety vehicles. In any event, speed bumps are placed with malicious intent, designed to punish by inflicting damage, without due process of law. There are better solutions.

God Of Thunder

I guess if people wouldn't speed and be in a hurry to get nowhere, Maybe they wouldn't be necessary.


Once again, the government of Huron puts their own agenda ahead of the well being of residents.


How is that the case? I drove to Woodlands for a softball game and beat the crap out of my car doing 20 MPH because the speed bump was not visible (no yellow paint on it) and about a foot high.