Columbia Gas forum to inform Huron residents

“We realize (projects) of this size may cause some inconveniences, and we apologize for the disruption”
Andy Ouriel
Mar 7, 2014


Columbia Gas employees want Huron community members to know about three major projects underway.

They scheduled a public forum for Monday to inform people about any questions arising from this work.

The projects, either recently starting or about to start, include: 

•A line maintenance project on Main and Standard streets.

•A line replacement initiative primarily in the Old Plat neighborhood.

•A third pipeline project being planned today.

“We realize (projects) of this size may cause some inconveniences, and we apologize for the disruption,” Columbia Gas officials stated in a release to area residents. “When your newly installed natural gas delivery system is complete, it will continue to provide years of safe, reliable service to your home or business. Please be assured that Columbia Gas will restore any landscaping or disruptions to property that occur as a result of the work.”

Want to go?
Public forum clueing community members in about several gas projects occurring within city limits.
WHERE: Huron Public Library, 333 Williams St.
WHEN: 6 p.m. Monday


Darwin's choice

Only a couple weeks late.....


Who was it that said, "It's easier to apologize than ask permission?"


Oh yea....they restore and fix things just dandy. Ask the people of Gibsonburg. LOL. Our yards are a mess. I have a 3 ft sink hole beside my sidewalk just waiting for someone to fall in. They also put down new straw with NO grass seed under it, not sure how well that will grow come spring?! People were calling our mayor left and right all last fall with complaints. I am sure we will be seeing a lot of Columbia Gas and their contractors back. Be sure to take names and numbers of anyone you speak to.

Stop It

I have a great idea. Let's turn off the gas in winter! We don't wanna tick off the tourists in summer.


Yep and if you aren't home they will NOT turn it back on. Call after hours and they MIGHT show up, they MIGHT not. (with our experience here in Gibsonburg, that would lean more towards NOT) You are lucky if they even answer the phone. I understand this kind of work needs to be done, but the customer service and the way things are handled needs ALOT of work. If the work in Huron is anything like here, there will be like 4 different crews. They will pass you off to the next one say "Oh, that's not our job." There are the 1. The dirt/digging crew 2. the grass/landscape 3. concrete/blacktop crew 4. actual Columbia Gas. Good luck.