Huron to get donation for playground equipment

Huron Township approves $100,000 for Fabens Park.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 31, 2013


A recent donation from one local government to a neighboring agency could probably buy the sturdiest monkey bars, slickest slide and best swings imaginable.

Huron Township trustees recently approved $100,000 in funding to the city of Huron specifically for enhancing outdated playground equipment at Fabens Park.

“This $100,000 for 2014 is not a normal nor an annual amount given,” said Diane Adams, Huron Township’s fiscal officer. “It’s a special, one-time donation”

The two governments often collaborate and share costs to provide services, such as fire department along with parks and recreation operations, for the 44839 ZIP code community.

Township officials typically give about $40,000 for recreational upgrades in Huron. The money comes from a township budget hovering between $2 million and $3 million per year in recent times.   

In 2013, for instance, the township contributed $200,000 so city officials — fronting the remaining $40,000 — could construct a 1.25-mile concrete path for bicyclists and walkers. The path runs parallel to U.S. 6 and connects Woodlands Intermediate School to Huron High School.

Township officials also contributed funds for a massive $681,000 Fabens Park facelift starting in 2012, consisting of:

• An expanded parking lot.

• New asphalt, pedestrian walkways, storm water drainage systems, retention ponds and a concrete pad for refuse receptacles.

• A new electrical conduit system to support enhanced lighting systems.

City officials seemed ecstatic about the township funding. “A partnership between the city and the township is an excellent example of regional collaboration,” Huron city manager Andy White said. “This type of cooperation allows the city to support recreational infrastructure improvements for the benefit of a wide breadth of stakeholders”

The partnership proved beneficial for landing a $150,000 state grant to build a half-mile trail around Fabens Park. A state grant’s covering $150,000, with city funds fronting the remaining $95,000.

Huron city council must still vote to accept the $100,000 in funds.

It’s not known when or what type of new playground equipment could arrive at Fabens Park.


Darwin's choice

It is nice to have a very rich uncle, and you're the only relative...
But Thank You!

Señor Clown

$100,000 would buy some amusement park rides. I can't tell from the provided photos which part of the existing playground equipment is 'outdated'?


Why when we hear of the government in Huron it's flush with money and being progressive in their development?

Why when we hear about the Sandusky government we hear about waste, budget shortfalls and turmoil ?