Huron to add assistant position

Michael Scott from “The Office” frequently counted on Dwight Schrute as his trusty sidekick in the workplace. And soon Huron city manager Andy White can call upon his No. 2 when needed.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 16, 2013
Huron city council recently resurrected the position of assistant to the city manager.

White, like Scott’s character, emphasized how the position is not an assistant city manager, rather an assistant to the city manger.

The person, expected to start by January, should earn at least $35,000 a year.

Officials haven’t hired anyone for the position.

Prior to becoming city manager in 2006, White first served as the assistant city manager to his predecessor, Mike Tann, for two years.

Since his promotion to Huron’s top administrator, however, city officials haven’t filled the position.

But now — with a slight tweak to the name and job description — there’s a need for someone to help oversee payroll, personnel decisions, special projects and risk management, White said.

“We just have an awful lot of volume in terms of general projects we have been working on,” White said. “This person is going to help us get through things on a day-to-day basis”

Huron officials, overseeing several projects such as ConAgra’s resurgence, can afford to add another full-time employee because of a strong financial outlook.

The $4 million everyday operating budget, covering services such as police and fire, boasts a $931,000 carryover, or savings.

“This hire will allow the administration, mainly Mr. White, to take some of the burden off of him for the day-to-day things he’s dealing with,” Huron city councilman Brad Hartung said.

Hiring an administrative assistant, Hartung said, falls perfectly in line with Huron’s three goals entering 2014: fiscal responsibility, operational efficiency and strategic growth.

“This should open us up for that strategic growth,” Hartung said.



Not sure why this has to brining up references regarding a fictional TV show...




I think it's to emphasize that this position is as meaningless as the jobs portrayed in that show. It's not all that fictional. Offices are full of neurotic and strange people that are demeaned by autocratic, egomaniacal bosses that don't have the brain cells to lead anyone.

Brick Hamland

The reference is in poor taste. Might as well thrown in minny me from Austin Powers... sheds a poor light on the position. Seems like something written for US Weekly


Huron spent years restructuring their city government making it lean and efficient. They have been the envy of other local municipalities. Guess good things can only last so long. Time to start the perpetual government bloating.


For only $35K they aren't likely to find someone with the qualifications to fit the bill, unless they are a kid fresh out of college or someone who is retired. The job calls for someone to take the human resources element off the city managers back but the person doing the job will be paid less than the they guy driving a snowplow? Good luck with that.


How about letting the snowplow driver do the HR element in his spare time.:)


I agree, he will likely do a better job than the person they are likely to pull in with that pay rate. It will be interesting to see what their requirements are going to be.


A little town such as Huron needs an assistant manager? I can see having a secretary. Maybe White needs to cut down on his meetings and take care of business.


An assistant is the person that has to do all the work; same applies to office manager, assistant manager, secretary, receptionist, etc. Whatever they call it, it will end up being demeaning and life-sucking to be sure. Crap flows downhill remember?


Future replacement for White? Didn't he apply elsewhere recently?


Ah yes. The recession is over in Huron so start tax and spend practices again.

What will happen to this position once Huron's projects dry up. I bet it won't be eliminated.


This position has no benefit for Huron. What Huron needs are the workers in the field. Not some desk jockey.