Huron limits parking in snow

Huron’s new frosty fine schedule might seem colder than Santa leaving lumps of coal for good girls and boys.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 16, 2013


But city officials argued the penalties are necessary to prevent people from parking their cars on any street in Huron when snowfall exceeds 2 inches.

This includes, for instance, Bogart Road, Williams Street and Ohio 13.

City council members approved the law earlier this year.

But it’s the first full season this law goes into effect, mainly to make snow plow operations more productive.

Frosty fines
Huron city council recently introduced a fine schedule anytime someone parks a car on any street in Huron when snowfall levels exceed 2 inches:
• $150: first fine in one-year period.
• $250: second fine in one-year period.
• $500: third fine in one-year period.
Note: Amounts listed are maximum fines.
Source: Huron law department

   “In the past, snow plows would have to go around cars and have to come back,” Huron city manager Andy White said. “Snow plows would have to make multiple passes to clear one street. It caused inefficient operations”


   In total, there’s about 95 miles of road in Huron.


   Before implementing a law, Huron officials traveled to other similarly sized cities and researched bans on parking during excessive snow periods.


   “This law will allow the street crews to go through the city in a more efficient way and in a quicker amount of time,” White said.


Julie R.

This is funny because on Saturday around 5:30 p.m., I saw a snow plow going down one of the streets over by Thunderbird and the ONLY car that was parked on the street that the snow plow had to stop and go around was a sheriff car!

Erie County Resident

I wonder if this car was issued a ticket? .. LOL

Julie R.

I doubt very much if that sheriff car was ticketed because it was still sitting there 3 or 4 hours later when I left that street. One would think the Huron cop (who lives on the same street) would have told him to move it!


There are cars on my street all the time during snowstorms. Annoying!!