Judge OKs Chaussee vacation rentals

The most recent ruling in a year-long battle between the city and owners of homes on the Chaussee says that yes, yes they can rent them out to vacationers who visit Sandusky.
Jessica Cuffman
Aug 22, 2012


The most recent ruling in a year-long battle between the city and owners of homes on the Chaussee says that yes, yes they can rent them out to vacationers who visit Sandusky.

A little over a year ago, city officials sent “cease and desist” orders to owners of about a dozen Sandusky properties, most of them on the strip of land called the Cedar Point Chaussee.

The letters ordered the homeowners to quit renting out their properties to vacationers on a temporary basis, an alleged violation of Sandusky zoning codes.

After a day of oral hearings on the case earlier this month, Erie County Common Pleas Judge Tygh Tone issued his ruling Tuesday.

For more on this decision, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register.


The Answer Person

Good,.  It is about time. Nothing wrong with this.


Oh, I bet this won't go down well. Personally I don't see anything wrong either.  You own the property, you do with it what you see fit.  But the other property owners are NOT going to like it.  They are the one's who complained in the first place.  This won't be the last round, you can bet on it. 



Every home in Sandusky is can now be used as a rental.


The people that see nothing wrong with this will look at it a different way when there is a technical motel 6 with strangers next door every day making noise in the middle of the night, decreasing property values, with secuitry issues, etc. Who would buy a residential house next to a Motel 6?


I didn't think this would stick.  Cedar Point thinks they don't deserve rentals, well now they will be joining the rest of us who have to live next to a rental with no exceptions.  The problem is that the city can't get a handle on these rentals to collect the fair fees from them.  If they are running them as hotels, then they need to collect the bed tax as well.  If you are going to have rentals, you can't skirt the rules and regulations with paying up on the fees and getting them inspected.  Some of these rentals in town are being rented out without checking with the city and we lose the revenue.

Truth or Dare

Good for you Judge Tone!  Besides, how could you in good conscience  allow it for folks on one street and not others in another part of town?  You can't, it's hypocritical!  You've made a wise and fair deicsion, one I'm sure that's avoided some kinda lawsuit,  yet again, against the City of Sandusky, of which the Taxpayers would be held responsible for!  

Now, the City needs to to do their due dilegence in making sure proper permits are in order,  these places listed as rentals, that the Bed Tax is paid.   I do have one question though, aside from the Bed Tax, they have to be profiting off of this.  Will City Income tax be paid as well?  It's a business, and they're working in the City, which provides an income.  How's that work?   



That really depends on how they file and if they are honest.  It's been my experience that homeowners take the mortgage deduction but do not report the income so no income taxes are paid to anyone.

Julie R.

For a county that claims they are doing so much to help homeowners in their fight against foreclosure, one might have to wonder why there are so many rental properties in Erie County, especially in Sandusky. So who owns all these properties, anyway? Even better, how did they obtain them?   


 1,  Guess this applies to any property in the entire City of Sandusky.  So under this new ruling any house can be rented out for one night to maybe four families with eight to ten kids.  Or a party crowd wanting to save costs.  I understand Sandusky has a rental problem but I assume most of those rentals are long term.  Are the large majority of houses in Sandusky being rented by the night and week?  Or are they monthly and yearly leases. This change lets people rent properties for one night.  

2.  These properties are zoned single family residential.  Does this mean that they can only be rented to one family - or can you rent to 15 fraternity guys?  Or four families with eight to ten kids?

3.  I suppose Ebner is out buying properties today.   When you rent for 800 to 1000 a night, you can make a lot of money.  Even in Sandusky, I bet you could rent a nice house in a residential neighborhood for $200 a night. Divide that by 4 - 5 families and it only costs them $50 a night  A Lot cheaper than a hotel room.  And you don't have to buy food at the local restaurants nor is anyone paying for desk clerks, maids, etc.  I won't even get into the subject of bed tax - I doubt the city can even begin to enforce this one.

4.  I hope the City of Sandusky works to overcome this problem or I see the City of Sandusky going downhill even more than it is.  

By the way - if the house next door to you is for sale (and in reasonable shape) and in the city of Sandusky, Sandusky, you may soon be living next to the next Holiday Inn.  If that doesn't drive down the neighborhood, I don't know what will.


Perhaps Hizzoner
has decided not to run
for reelection


God Of Thunder

I bet it's all the 'corrupt' Erie County judages that are buying up all the rental properties and obtaining them thru the funds they steal, and the estates that they seal off so no one can see how the get their money or campaign funds....BWAHAHAHAHA....Sorry..Had to chuckle at myself

Sandusky Register Reader's picture
Sandusky Regist...

Who gives a flying flick about your reasoning on property values in times like these!  Open your pea brain and look at the opportunity this creates for Sandusky as a City and not a drive thru to get to Cedar Point.

With the right kind of marketing Sandusky could have families and groups coming for a week or so at a time stayin in and around town to spend their money on all there is to see and do besides Cedar Point.

Most folks are respecful of city noise ordinances, curfews, etc.  Of course deposits and reminder postings are in order.  A rental agreement will have terms of use.  Of course the property has to be kept up or they'll go down the street to your neighbors.  Inherently the property values will steadily increase as folks realize the income potential and utlize some of that income to maintain and improve their property(ies).  Just be sure and not be greedy and price yourself out of the marktet.

I see it as a win-win situation for Sandusky and Judge Tygh Tone not only ruled in a fair and impartial manner but is also a visionary.  Hooray!


@ Julie R. perhaps Lake Erie Shores and Islands could conduct a study/survey about this type of rental properties available in and around Sandusky for their promotional purposes. 


That's all fine and well until a sex offender rents in a neighborhood and molests a child.  Then everyone will ask "why are we allowing these types of renta;s in neighborhoods?"

Julie R.

One thing about the Erie County courts --- they sure seem to be into rental properties. The jokes even took my deceased mother and stepfather's nice house in Huron that they owned scot-free and clear of a mortgage for almost 40 years and just so the morons from Huron ~ who were disgruntled over the intended inheritance of others ~ wouldn't have to acknowledge the fact that they fraudulently transferred my mother's half seven months before her death and defrauded her 4th beneficiary on a new joke TOD Deed ~ all done under fraud documents prepared by attorneys ~ so the property (that was not owned jointly) could be put back into my mother's probate estate and sold through normal channels with a clear title, the court of Roger Binette instead forced the property with serious defects in the title to be sold at a scam sheriff sale through a scam partition action and a fraud preliminary judicial report at a substantial discount to a realtor to use as rental property. 

Julie R.

I noticed one of the rental properties on Cedar Point Road appraised at $364,500.00 show the owners to the property live in Columbus. It also shows all previous acts upon the property were done under a Power of Attorney and a QuitClaims Deed. The auditor's online records even state UNKNOWN under Valid Sale.

All I can say for that is --- if it's anything like the fraud QuitClaims Deed I found in the Erie County Recorder's office after the death of my mother (prepared by some Lorain County attorney I never heard of before) that falsely stated a couple of disgruntled morons from Huron were her attorneys-in-fact when they sure were NOT --- that also falsely stated a forged Power of Attorney (prepared by one of my mother's Huron attorneys that I found concealed in the Lorain County Recorder) was on file in the Erie County Recorder ---- then I would have to say the rental property on Cedar Point Road can NOT be sold. At least not through normal channels with the interested buyer going through a bank who would require a title search to be done at closing.