Share your roller coaster memories

Anniversary celebrations for Cedar Point roller coasters will be this weekend
Jason Werling
Jun 18, 2014


Cedar Point will mark the anniversaries of five park attractions this Saturday, June 21, with a special ceremony and attraction-themed giveaways. The event honors the Blue Streak’s 50th Anniversary as well the anniversaries of Cedar Creek Mine Ride (45th), Magnum XL-200 (25th), Raptor (20th) and Camp Snoopy (15th).

The Register wants your memories and photos of the classic coasters.

Comment below with your fondest memories or e-mail a photo or two with your story to


Stop It

First year my son was tall enough to ride the the coasters, he wanted to go on the Cork-Screw first and foremost. We were all buckled in and climbing halfway up the first hill when he decided that he no longer wanted to go.

I laughed and told him they would not stop the ride now.

He loved it. we rode it three more times straight. :)

Florence Nightingale

I remember going on the Mine Ride with my dad as soon as I was tall enough - my first roller coaster. I've been hooked ever since!

JMOP's picture

My mom tricked me going on the Gemini. She told me that was part of the Jr. Gemini, and we just couldn't see the the little one under the big one. Till this day, I still have trust issues, but I'll always love the Gemini. Glad she did it.


I've always had issues with getting sick after riding roller coasters but my daughter who was about 8 years old at the time begged me to ride Woodstock Express with her. I figured it was a kiddie ride. What damage could it possibly do to me. Well as soon as I got off the ride I had to run to the bathroom and get sick. My daughter laughed at me and until this day always tells her friends how me, her mother got sick on the Woodstock express. Roller coaster are just not my thing I guess.

Hollie Newton

Loved the Blue Streak back in the day when it was just a bench seat with a bar. You could really get some air on those little hills. The fitted seats and seat belts make it much less of a ride. Glad I got to experience it when it was really fun.

Stop It

+1...the first, and the one that got me hooked.


I always talk on my Iphone, take photos, drink beer, smoke butts, carry my samurai sword and disconnect the seat belts on every coaster after I leave the station. While simultaneously having high blood pressure, a heart condition and amputated legs, it always makes it more perilous, dangerous and exciting. See you at the station!


My all time favorite is the Wild Cat. Sounds stupid but me and my little brother rode that one over and over. Many great memories at CP, too many to narrow down. My husband and I even went there the day after our wedding for a mini honeymoon lol! The whole family came...great times.