16 Cedar Point employees arrested in fight broken up by police, Taser

A large fight was broken up at Cedar Point’s recreation center early Sunday morning, landing 16 workers felony charges.
Courtney Astolfi
Jun 10, 2014


Cedar Point police responded to the park's rec center a short while after 3 a.m. Sunday, only to find a large group of people embroiled in a fight, according to a Sandusky police report.

By the time back-up Sandusky police officers arrived, they found multiple men wrestling with Cedar Point officers, the report said.

Sandusky police tried to keep a gathering crowd restrained as Cedar Point personnel struggled to arrest seven men—one of whom swung at an official, the report said.

Another man, Joshua Brown, allegedly refused to leave the area, despite repeated warnings. When Brown continued walking towards the other men already in handcuffs, officers ordered him to the ground, the report said.

Three officers tried to get Brown on the ground, but due to his size, Brown ended up dragging the officers behind him as he walked away, the report said.

Finally, a Taser was used to place Brown under arrest.

Those who were arrested were charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and aggravated riot, a fifth-degree felony.

Those arrested:

Lawanda Harris, 21, Detroit, Mich.
Cashia Moyer, 19, Youngstown.
Lavon Epps, 19, Flint, Mich.
Jarrett Stennis, 22, Southfield, Mich.
Joshua Brown, 32, Ypsilanti, Mich.
Marquse Nicholson, 19, Harperswood, Mich.
James Ewing, 21, Detroit, Mich.
Deshaun Harris, 20, Flint, Mich.
Galen Hobdy, 20, Canton.
Brandon Williams, 21, Flint, Mich.
Curtis Prentice, 23, Canton.
Kyreese Whitacker, 21, Flint, Mich.
Dajon Williams, 19, Roseville, Mich.
Ja'Quan Pittman, 22, Flint, Mich.
Sterling Jenkins, 24, Roseville, Mich.
Rick Miles, 23, Flint, Mich.



Send 'em all back to Michigan!


It is great nobody got hurt.

Horace Mann

Can't send 'em back ti MI, will accused of discrimination against the Michiganish.


NOW HIRING : Cedar Point has job openings for 16 people.

From the Grave

The Chinese don't cause this kind of trouble.


The dead don't cause this kind of trouble neither.

Dwight K.

That's what happens when someone steps on your Puma's


I like the kid smiling like its his senior picture.

Steve P

Im sure this is yet another example of racism in Sandusky, can't wait for Matt's editorial on this one. Shouldn't the NAACP issue a statement on this?


Nah. This situation has absolutely
nothing in common with the idiot in the ape suit.

Bottom Line

Yep. As someone who worked many Summers there in the mid-2000s, this looks like about the same group as always who caused problems. It was always thugs from Flint and Detroit. Just like 2007 the night the Cavs eliminated the Pistons from the playoffs... The Asians, South Americans and Eastern Europeans NEVER caused trouble.


Must have been racist cops for arresting all of these black people for causing a riot. They definitely were not responsible for their own actions. I mean why should they be, it's always the racist cops fault. Matt will have a field day with this one haha


Imagine that.

Dr. Information

Giving Sandusky a great name.


Where is the NAACP? Where is the outrage?


As if we don't already have enough thugs in Sandusky, Cedar Point has to bring more in from Michigan.


I - thumbs down


Is anybody really surprised? I am not and I hope they all get fired today!!!


I wonder if any of these people have past dealings with the law back home in Michigan, is C.P. gonna fire them? Does C.P. do any background checks before hiring anyone, how about drug testing the employees? Family orientated amusement should definitely drug test the employees.


Cedar Point performs pre-employment background checks on all associates 18 years of age or older. Associates will not be permitted to check-in for work until their background checks have been received and reviewed.


I think the process is flawed!


You can take them out of the hood but you can't take the hood out of them. Face it people these type of thugs are not any good. They're P..O.S. and will always be P.O.S.'s. Within months over half of them will be in prison. What don't people get about crime and these thugs. Take a look at these faces what doesn't America get. They say it's not a race thing. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!


Take note area human resource departments, here are 16 future applicants that are not hireable.


i complain about this frequently on here. folks like this make it so hard for the few good black folks in this country. unfortunately the libs make excuses for these thugs and tell you it's not right to judge but then they spew hate on christians.

Fibber Mcgee

Just asking... did you mean to type few or was that accident?

Just Saying

Seriously, "few good black folks". I can see you took the no judging thing to heart.


I'm liberal and I don't condone their actions.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

^This, thank you.

There are also more than a "few" good black folks in the country. As well, there are a plethora of wonderful "libs" if you'd ever like to take the time to get to know them.

EDIT: The second comment was to huronguy2, not you freethinker1.


How is it that I knew before they posted pictures what they would look like??

Just Saying

Do you honestly believe that no other skin color is capable of such crimes? If yes, I need to borrow your rose colored glasses.

Bottom Line

I certainly wouldn't say that. But like me, John was just playing the odds.


You don't see many instances of groups of white guys rioting in the US.

JT Adams St

Yep. They're too busy planning mass shootings.


Because your a bigot.


Now! Now! JohnDorian12 what on earth are you talking about. Like you would never see 16 white teenage/young adults doing something like this? I think society should give these young adults another chance. Come on, we may see them one day on the post office wall and we can then say ahhh remember him, when he was just a up and starting punk a$$ thug. Look how much he's grown. Lol


You are tight tonto.....what was I thinking


When does the local NAACP start the protest?

2cents's picture

What! They did not finish their fight on Pioneer Trail a few months ago?


I'm sure they are nice young men, but that booze drinking will do that to you. I hope CP considers that before they start firing people. It doesnt matter what color anyone is. Booze is bad for you.


So now we use booze as an excuse rather thana lack of character?



thinkagain's picture

The same “judges” show up on each article. Judging by all their judgmental comments, judging someone must be OK...…as long as you’re not a judgmental Christian. ◔_◔


You don't even know what the word "Christian" means.


Looks like the two Huron girl's Facebook friends. Maybe they were fighiting over them?!


Cedar Point has money and Jesse Jackson is on the next plane.....


Think back to CP in the late 60's.. when you bought a wristband to ride the rides.. or simply walked in to attend dances above the arcade.........


Will they ever learn to ACT "human"??


What are they acting like?


Idiots. Next question.


Idiots are not human?????????

Horace Mann



An obvious question: Why does Cedar Point allow a rec facility with alcohol to stay open at 3AM? Guess their lawyers learned nothing from DJ's/Geno's events.

The Rudy

"We ain't did nuthin". Nothing but perpetuating the stereotype. How frustrating it must be for upstanding citizens to have THESE PARTICULAR PEOPLE act like this. Their mugshots appear to show pride and defiance with what they have done. Cedar Point is a Family destination and this is what they hire? How many will attempt to explain this incident away, that it is not what it appears to be? As a nation, we are in trouble, people. The downward spiral continues and spins a little in Sandusky. Ok I'm done for now, apologists, justifiers, deniers, et al, have at it.


It would be interesting to know their family histories going back 50 yrs. Detroit and Flint used to be prosperous cities.


What does it matter? Just because you were raised poor or whatever doesn't mean you don't know right from wrong, and gives you an excuse to act like a moron. That's the problem anymore, blame everything else but the idiots doing the dastardly deeds.


Does this mean you are okay with the kid that suffered from affluenza, thus killing four people while drunk?


freespeech... It matters a lot. These folks were all born since the early 90's. In '65, LBJ started the Great Society and began paying people to procreate.

For how many generations have these folks been Great Society beneficiaries? Zero, one, two, three ??? Pick a number.... all the possibilities are there.


They are waiting for Al and Jesse to show up! The outrage of it all!!!


I'd like to dance wif your date!


It all started with a broken water line....


Wow, looks like large groups of white guys are starting trouble again. Lol. Bet the NAACP won't be addressing this problem anytime soon.

lunchtime 175

There must not be enough people here in Ohio to hire for working at Cedar Point?


Must all be costumes. I know this wasn't a bunch of afro Americans. Lol I'm waiting for the defense on these fine young men and women. Did they not post the mugshots of the white guys that started this whole thing? Oh wait there were none.

Dr. Information

Whats the odds the majority of these thugs have a criminal past with local law enforcement?


Look at all the race cards being played here. Amazing! What does the NAACP have to do with this? NOTHING! Race has the same relevance here as the it does in the most recent school shooting/s. These guys are not even locals yet look at all the comments.

Newsflash: Criminals/thugs come in all colors, shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities!!!


What race card? By looking at the pictures of these fine upstanding citizens you can plainly see they are black. Or white dudes with really good tans!

Horace Mann

I think what Deertracker is trying to say is that the skin color of the accused does not justify any of the racist comments here.

Dr. Information

What, that Jesse and Al aren't condoning stuff like this? Thats not being racist, that's called calling out HYPOCRITES like the two I just mentioned.

Little Giant

Not even 1 token white guy?


Does anyone REALLY believe that any of these folks will be fired?

More likely they will receive a settlement...

MI Smooth

And an apology and raise too.


sooo a group of black people get into a fight and it solicits passive/aggressive racists internet posts. interesting imagine the outrage if a white person embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars or set up some ponzi scheme. give me a break crime is everywhere people

Erie Countian

All I have to say is: If you want to be treated with respect and dignity, then act like it and earn it, no matter what color you are.


Amen to that, To get respect you have to earn respect!


And Cedar Point's response is ???????

joshua206's picture

I have always believed that a manager, owner, human resources employee, or anyone else in a position to hire someone for employment is only as good as their hiring choices.

So while these idiots are to blame for their own actions, someone at Cedar Point had better be taking a look at their hiring practices, and whomever hired these kind of employees. Are you really trying to promote a safe family atmosphere when you hire this many gang member type of employees?


It really kills me that CP has to get every dollar they can. Now CP is selling alcohol at the rec center to their emlyees. I remember when they put on the ballot to vote to raise parking tax 1 per cent and it failed. Cp put this on tourist and never took it off when it failed. CP don't even pay income tax and they do not even pay addmission tax the tourist do. Just plain out GREED!

Dr. Information

Good Lord you are quite special aren't you.


Would Jesse say that their behavior is "frowned upon".... as he did about the killing of Chris Lane last August?


off topic a bit, but I see it as a safety hazard for CP to sell alcohol to employees. If just ONE comes in to run a ride hammered or hung over to obliteration, it could be fatal. I know they can purchase alcohol anywhere they please, but CP should not promote it. Back to topic: I believe they were upset D.J's closed.


Your comment is more on topic than the broad generalizations being made about an entire race of people. And I agree with you (except the part about DJ's).