CP police make riot arrests

More that a dozen suspects booked into the Erie County jail after early morning fight Saturday at dormitory rec center
Jun 9, 2014


Cedar Point and Sandusky police arrested as many as 15 or more employees or friends of employees inside an employee rec center early Saturday after a fight erupted.

The suspects face aggravated riot, assault and disorderly conduct charges, according to jail records. At least one suspect also was charged with assaulting a police officer. 

The Cedar Point and Sandusky police departments responded, according to jail records. 

Check back here for updates as more information becomes available.



I understand that they are now serving alcohol at the "rec center" now. Looks like the employees do not need to drive down the road Louie's to get into drunken brawls anymore.

Is Louie's even still open?


Why would they even serve alcohol there. Just to make an extra buck off the employees. Get back some of the money they paid them to work. Seems like they have enough trouble over there with out adding alcohol to the mix. That doesn't make any sense to me. Pretty dumb decision obviously.


I would imagine that CP is trying to make the conditions there pleasant for all living there. CP has done a lot to and will do more in the future to improve employee living facilities. You know a happy employee is a good employee.

BUT like all things there is a very small minority who take things to extreme and sounds like this is what happen. A few people negatively participating always make it then a negative for the majority.

Then there is something to be said to that on college campuses they are not serving in the food services alcohol as part of the menu or have a bar in the dorm facility. So there is logic in this not being in the CP living facilities.

It's always a shame when a few idiots spoil it for the vast majority of mature, hard working, well behaved other residents in the facility.


Sounds similar to the concept of the "company store" by coal companies.

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The Hero Zone

It's been a while since I listened to that song, thanks for the reminder!



I'm curious why this is an "Alert" when it happened Saturday night?

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How does the saying go?

"Idle hands are the devil's playthings"


Who really cares what happens over there. Let them beat each others a$$es. Most are from another country that stay there anyways. Come take our money and leave the country with it. Bums.


Uh oh time to close the rec down now lmao. I figured since none of the local hippies said it, I would for them haha.

Little Giant

Take a look at the Jail Roster. "Natives" not "Foreign". Most were from Flint Michigan.


"Natives" LMAO...

The Answer Person

I wonder with the park shut down whether the employees were still being paid for their work time even though they were not "working"? That alone would create a very tense situation. Not their fault. I know they live from check to check and their Cedar Point rent that they pay still goes on and on.

William Jeffers...

CP employees from the 80’s never had these kind of alcohol related problems. They would go to Louie’s and drink $5 in quarter drafts, stumble back to the dorms & pass out for a couple hours and then go work the opening shift wreaking of alcohol while still slightly buzzed…...but it was NEVER a problem.


Riot? LOL. The SR likes to have fun with headlines. When I read the headline, I thought Sanduskians finally had it with CP and were literally at the gates, torches and all. But I agree with William, in the late 70s - early 80s the worst of it was probably really bad hangovers or the occasional mishap--both ends-- of someone who did not make it fast enough to the bathroom after drinking too much!


Cedar Point .... In my opinion... Is a modern-day international Plantation that exploits young workers with the allure of fun & sun.
Cedar Fair has the audacity to pay no overtime for these kids so the Fat-Cat Elitists can spend their lives living in leisure & luxury. Instead of giving "CEO bonuses & stock options they should spread the wealth among those who create the wealth and do the sweating .... Not the screwing.

MI Smooth

They could work elsewhere if they have it so bad, couldn't they? Corporations are in business to make a profit for their shareholders. It's called free enterprise and so far it has worked well. I would imagine you feel that these kids should be making $28.00 an hour with full benefits too. Look how well that's turned out for the UAW over the past few decades.....


I used to work there a couple years ago. Why would they do something like that? I DON'T KNOW. But its a crazy place at the commons area there they need to make some changes there. And towns have nothing to do with its there attitude.