Cedar Point open today, offers deal

Just add water: Cedar Point offering free Soak City tickets with CP purchase
Jun 9, 2014


Cedar Point officials survived hell weekend and announced this afternoon the park will re-open today with normal business hours.

Sandusky city workers completed repairs of a water main break just inside the park past the toll booth under an area at the edge of the parking lot. 

The City of Sandusky the necessary repairs to the main water line into Cedar Point.

Park spokesman Bryan Edwards said the park is celebrating the re-opening with a special money-saving deal — H20 Offer . Park visitors who buy a one-day Cedar Point admission ticket now through Sunday, June 15, and receive a FREE Soak City ticket. 

"The offer is available online only and not available at park ticket booths," Edwards said.

Go here to get the deal



So, is maintenance going to clean and sanitize ALL the food and beverage facilities before opening as required by the health department? They demand this from other restaurants and food retailers...


I'm sure they will!

lunchtime 175

they should have the free soak city ticker offer available at the gate and not just over the internet. I guess they do not want to make it available to everyone but just those who know about it?? and have access to the internet to order their tickets. I think they should have a free day for everyone for the whole park, they can afford it. Look at the millions of people that have attended Cedar Point since it opened in the 1800's and all the millions or billions of dollars that people have spent at that park?


Yeah, that right Cedar Point should give free tickets and free food and why they should not charge for anything right??? They got millions $$$ and been there for years and years...

Sorta like General Motors they make all those cars every year and have made them for years and why they should give us all free cars I mean you want a Cadillac you should be able to just go down to the dealer and pick one up for FREE !!!..Why they got money RIGHT ??? OH OH OH Wait a minute they went bankrupt a few years ago and it was not from giving away FREE cars............OH well maybe General Motors does not have money to give free cars and Guess what neither does Cedar Point has money to give us all free admission and food and toys and etc.

Only one outfit in the world has enough money to give all those freebies away and that is the US Government and we all know how deep they are in debt....

Sorry but we all have to keep working for their is NO FREE LUNCH !!


just be glad that you can flush now.




I agree with LUNCHTIME. I think everything should be free that way we dont have to work. In the winter they shuold also make their dorms available for us sanduskians to live for free. And give us any unused food from the year.


cedar point closes for two days and everyone loses their mind.


Raising the admissions tax and rebuilding the infrastructure would have saved Cedar Fair almost $19 Million in Revenue in 2 days. An 8% admissions tax would have cost the tourists $ 7.2 Million in taxes, I would think for $19 Mil they would not be so concerned about a tax they don't pay.


If the city of Sandusky took care of their infrastructure we would not be having this conversation. Considering all the business property taxes collected for the city it seems crazy they couldn't afford to keep things maintained.


The break occurred on CP property, specifically under the parking lot. Therefore, the break is the responsibility of CP, not the city.

If the water line running under the road to your home breaks, it is the responsibility of the city. However if the water line running to your house under your property breaks, it is your responsibility to pay for the repairs.


Must not be to the meter yet. Generally that is the point of ownership.


Thought would have to be by CP that the section of line that broke is probably no older than many other feet of the line leading in and out of CP. This could be only the first of a string of line breaks for CP.

Watch for CP to put in a back up plan so as not to close the park. I can bet you the days from here that will be an intense discussion at CP corporate offices. You can't have loses like this and not be financially hurt. Would not surprise me a bit CP takes some legal action against City of Sandusky to fix/replace/give alternate water source, etc the line into CP


The reports indicate the line break occurred on their property. Why is a break underneath CP's parking lot past the toll booths the city's responsibility?


If it wasn't the cities responsibility why did the City fix it? Should have been a private contractor fixing that main line if that were the case.

lunchtime 175

The city owes it to Cedar Point to fix the water pipe for them as Cedar Point has paid plenty to Sandusky over all the years it has been open that it deserves a little back from the city in a emergency like what happened. Glad the park is now open so people can enjoy it once again.


I sure hope everything was inspected by the health department!