Cedar Point closed

Lost weekend, Cedar Point shutdown no day at the park
Tom Jackson
Jun 7, 2014

A major water main break forced Cedar Point to close Saturday, ruining what seemed to be a perfect day for going to the amusement park.

When it became clear repairs would continue for hours, Cedar Point officials announced late Saturday the park will remain closed until Monday.

Blue skies lured thousands to the park. Law enforcement officers rushed to major intersections to head off as much traffic as possible, but vehicles snarled roads leading in and out of the park for a couple of hours Saturday morning.

Sandusky city engineer Aaron Klein said a 16-inch cast iron main that supplies water for Cedar Point broke between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. Saturday under the parking lot at Cedar Point. City workers were summoned to the scene.    

Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards said when park officials realized they would not be able to get the water the park needed, they decided for health and safety reasons to close the park.

City workers labored for hours on the break, but it wasn’t something that could be quickly fixed, Klein said.

Early Saturday afternoon, they were vacuuming water out of a hole in the parking lot so they could see the break, Klein said.

He said there’s more at play than just fixing the pipe. Cedar Point will have to refill its water towers, and the water will have to be tested to make sure it is clean, Klein said.

At 7 p.m., Klein reported the pipe had been fixed and the city was filling up the hole again and preparing to test water pressure. About a half hour later, he reported the fix survived the tests and the line now appeared to be fine.

The fix came too late for Cedar Point officials, who decided to eliminate further uncertainty by closing the park until Monday.

At 5:45 p.m. Saturday, Edwards emailed a statement announcing the park will remain shut down Sunday.

“Once the water main is repaired, there are additional procedures that must be taken to restore water pressure to all areas on the property, and testing that must follow to ensure the systems are working properly and the appropriate water quality is established,” Edwards said.

At this time we have made the decision to keep the park and resort properties closed until Monday, June 9 when — subject to any unforeseen complications — we would anticipate resuming normal operations,” he said.

Earlier Saturday, Edwards said some early arrivals, season pass holders and guests at the amusement park’s hotels, had made it into the park at 9 a.m. when word came the park would be shut down.Without running water, park officials believed they had little choice but to close the park.

Electronic signs on Kinzel Causeway leading the park flashed the news the park had closed.

Sandusky police chief John Orzech was at home cutting the grass when his phone rang with the news.

“I thought, oh boy, better get in,” he said.Orzech said signs were put up on major roadways warning the park had closed.

Despite the efforts to warn visitors, many got the news too late. A huge traffic snarl ensued as disappointed visitors tried to leave.

Orzech said he got in to work at about 10:30 a.m. and the traffic had largely been cleared by about 12:15 p.m.

Lt. Richard Braun, of the Sandusky Police Department, said the department did everything possible to cope with the traffic.

“We called a couple of guys in. An emergency’s an emergency,” Braun said.

He said Chief Orzech and assistant police chief Phil Frost both helped direct traffic.

“It’s not something a chief and assistant chief typically do,” Braun said.

Other law enforcement agencies in the county were notified, and they helped, too, Orzech said.

Edwards said as far as he knew, it was the first time the park had closed unexpectedly since the big blackout in 2003.

The news the park had closed was especially bitter for travelers who came a long distance for a weekend at America’s top roller coaster attraction.

Roger Balderas, his wife Debbie, daughter Sebbie and a friend of their daughter, residents of South Bend, Ind., arrived at a Port Clinton hotel Friday night and discovered the pool was closed.

Their summer vacation became even worse after they arrived at Cedar Point.

“We had won free tickets to Cedar Point and I lost them,” Debbie Balderas said. “So we had to go buy tickets.

They arrived at the park early Saturday morning. 

“We were happy we got a good parking spot,” she said.

Then they were told the park had closed.

Mrs. Balderas said she stood in line for an hour at guest services to get her money back.

“Then it took us an hour and a half to get out of Cedar Point,” she said.

They noted that although Cedar Point gave them their money back, there was no refund from the hotel.

“This was our vacation,” Roger Balderas said.

The family spoke to a reporter as they waited to go through the Ghostly Manor haunted house on Milan Road in Perkins Township. 

Perkins police asked Ghostly Manor to announce on its electronic sign Cedar Point had closed, said assistant manager Rick Baumler. The attraction complied, flashing, “Cedar Point closed today. Make alternate plans”

Business was heavier than usual Saturday, as tourists who couldn’t go to Cedar Point came in, he said.

Lake Erie Shores & Islands, which maintains a visitor center on Milan Road, spent the day telling tourists about other attractions such as Ghostly Manor and the Merry-Go-Round Museum, said Joan Van Offeren, the agency’s executive director. Lake Erie Shores & Islands also took to Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about other tourist options in the area.

“We’re lucky to have plenty of choices,” she said. “I know it’s not the same”

Edwards did not offer an estimate for how many people were turned away Saturday, saying the park doesn’t release those numbers.


First post and updates, Saturday, June 7, 2014

Update: Cedar Point will be closed Sunday, according to a release from Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards. Check sanduskyregister.com for updates. Edwards said repairs to the water main will require several more hours. The park is expected to open Monday, he said. All Cedar Point tickets will be honored on any operating day in 2014 where the park is open to the public, Edwards said.

Update 4:55 p.m. — Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards said the decision of whether Cedar Point will be open Sunday has not yet been determined. Hotel Breakers, Sandcastle Suites and Lighthhouse Point will be closed Sunday.

Update 4:30 p.m. — Cedar Point will be closed today due a water main break that cut off water service to the peninsula, park officials announced this afternoon. 

The Cedar Point Resorts properties, which include Hotel Breakers, Sandcastle Suites and Lighthhouse Point, will be closed through Sunday.

Guests can contact the reservation office at 419-627-2106 to cancel or reschedule your reservation.

Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark Resort and Breakers Express, both of which are located outside the park near Cleveland Road at the Causeway entrance, remain open. 

Early this morning, the City of Sandusky experienced a water main break on the main line that supplies water to Cedar Point. The City of Sandusky is currently working to repair the system. Without our normal water supply, and due to safety concerns, the park is unable to open today. All guest tickets will be honored on future dates this season. Please visit cedarpoint.com for the latest updates.

Update 12:05 p.m. — Residents along the Cedar Point Chaussee also are being impacted by a water main break this morning that closed Cedar Point, Sandusky city engineer Aaron Klein told the Register, and the extent of the break in the water line is still being determined. 

"It's an old cast iron pipe. It might be a crack that can be repaired with a sleeve (over the broken area) or it might require more extensive repairs," Klein said. 

A city work crew is already on  the scene, Kelin said. The break occurred about 200 feet past the toll booths at the end of the causeway.  

It's not clear when the park will be able to re-open. The water main break leaves the park without adequate fire safety supply of water and without supplies for restroom and food services. 

Original post, 10:37 a.m. — A water main break has Cedar Point officials scrambling on a peak day of the early season. 

Cedar Point officials made the following announcement. 

"Early this morning, the City of Sandusky experienced a water main break on the main line that supplies water to Cedar Point. The City of Sandusky is currently working to repair the system. Without our normal water supply, and due to safety concerns, the park is unable to open today. All guest tickets will be honored on future dates this season. Please visit cedarpoint.com for the latest updates."

A few guests got inside the park at 9 a.m. because they are season pass holders or staying at the park's hotels, but they were informed that the park would have to close, spokesman Bryan Edwards said. 

"As soon as we found out about the water main break, we started closing the park," he said. "We posted announcements on our website and on our social media channels."

Edwards said that as far he knew, it was the first time the park had to close unexpectedly since the 2003 blackout that hit much of the United States.

Employees were being called this morning and told to stay home and await further notice. 

Check back here for details as they become available.


From the Grave

Closed again today? Ah! What a beautiful Sunday!


Maybe it's time to reconsider the admissions tax. It should be immediately raised to 8% and ALL monies be earmarked for new infrastructure.
I wonder how today's loss of revenue compares to what an admissions tax would have cost CP?
And with the aging infrastructure, this could happen again at any time.


An admission tax would not cost CP anything as thier role is to collect the tax from patrons of the park. The only one that is out in a situation like this is the city from lost tax revenue.


Time to pass 8% Admissions tax and fix infrastructure. 26,000 cars x 4 people x $39.99 a ticket + $40.00 in park is actually a revenue loss of $ 8,318.960.00 in lost revenue and that is probable a very conservative estimate. I think I read in their annual report that the per person in park spending was over $ 50.00 per person. If that is true, the lost revenue would be at least $9,358,960.00 for today. Need I say more? That is almost FOUR TIMES the current total of admissions tax per year paid by tourists to Sandusky Annually. It is time for Cedar Fair to ask the city to raise admissions tax and solve this issue.


UPDATED $ COST for Saturday and Sunday Closing of Cedar Point due to deferred infrastructure replacement in Sandusky.
Time to pass 8% Admissions tax and fix infrastructure. With 26,000 cars x 4 people x $39.99 a ticket + $40.00 in park is actually a revenue loss of $16,637,920.00 in lost revenue and that is probably a very conservative estimate. I think I read in their annual report that the per person in park spending was over $ 50.00 per person. If that is true, the lost revenue would be at least $18,717,920.00 for today & tomorrow. Need I say more? That is almost EIGHT (8) TIMES the current total of admissions tax per year paid by tourists to Sandusky Annually. It is time for Cedar Fair to BEG the city to raise the admissions tax and solve this issue.


That's gonna create one huge traffic mess.

Rusty of Sandusky

I just heard on my way back into town from WalMart. It was the lightest traffic I've seen in a while on the 250 corridor.


Cleveland Rd east of the causeway is a nightmare.


I bet you any money they have City of Sandusky workers over there fixing it. CP is quick to call for help from SPD SFD and street crews but sure doesn't want to help out the city at all.


CP can't do much to help out Sandusky. Not only do they have to devote their employees to visitor safety, but I'm sure that there's laws against it because of city/state ordinances. The city HAS to help CP as far as infrastructure goes, because it's within their city limits.


We the people if you actually knew what you were talking about i would agree with you, but you have no clue what you are talking about. The only infrastructure cedar point has is police and fire. The fire department is just big enough to handle ems and fire calls no bigger then a grass fire. If they get anything bigger they call in SFD. They have a good police department and if needed they help out both the city and perkins township if they get calls that take more manpower then they have. As for water lines those are installed and maintained by the city water department because cedar point does not have its own water department. So please know what you are talking about before opening your mouth.


Pay their taxes. Hire locals for full time jobs (not including seasonals). Donated money to the police department. Supported the schools for the football field.

Yep sure don't help out the city and its residents.


Help the city??? If it weren't for CP there would be no Sandusky....it's not CPs fault that city officials don't know what they're doing..


I agree with JohnDorian 12 if it weren't for Cedar Point there would be no Sandusky. The people who live here can't help that the city fathers can not get along with people and keep the fire stations open and not closed


The article says the main line that supplies from Sandusky into Cedar Point. Why wouldn't City workers be working on it? It is the city's line. It is not IN Cedar Point.


The line is completely on Cedar Point property and thus any repairs and regular maintenance should have been the responsibility of CP the property owner.

It appears to me that the original Press Release is false in that the line is the main line on CP property and therefore their property and not the city's property. Unless maybe CP wants to surrender their parking lot revenues to the City.


It all depends on which side of the meter the break is on. Not property lines.


Really? Where I live the meter is on my house but I have to repair any leaks under my lawn from the main line on the road. I won't have to pay for the water lost before the meter but I do have to repair the pipe.


Glad I don't have your water service! So, are you also expected to find the nearest water valve upstream of your break, and shut it off, cutting off all water service to everyone downstream of you until you fix the break? I'm pretty sure my town would take a dim view of me doing that. Or maybe they just charge for repairs.


Of course if the line breaks I call them but I get charged for the repairs just as I had to pay to have the line from the "tap" at the street to my house installed.

DEEPsix's picture

Cp is worse thing the north coast could have. They aka cedar fair have manipulated the tourism for over 75 yes and they have eliminated growth economically. George R.told me one day when I mowed their lawn about CP and cedar fair which he created. He said Never live up here unless u work for us... The factories will leave. Be on our team or don't live back here. "


deep six just please shut up



That's a ridiculous statement.


If the water main breaks in front of your do you dig or call?


The property line didn't break in front of CP property but on their property, specifically under their parking lot after passing through their toll gates. Therefore maintenance of the pipe and repairs of the pipe are the responsibility of the property owner, i.e. CP.


MJK those water lines are maintained by the city. Cedar Point does not have it's water department. They have their own fire department but it is not big enough to handle any fire bigger then a brush fire.

yea right

CORRECTION: CP has it's own water dept.. and electricans and painters and wood workers.. the plumbing under the midway is at least 100 yrs old..and NO diagrams to show where it goes..some how it gets to Hotel Breakers ..where the orginal part of the park was..wow ppl get you stories straight here..btw this comes from the plmg dept..