Interviewees get to the point

Cedar Point looking to fill over 5,000 jobs.
Luke Wark
Mar 30, 2014


Blake Nicolas of Massillon interviews with a Cedar Fair representative as dozens of others wait for their interviews Saturday afternoon at Castaway Bay.

Cedar Point conducted an open interview session throughout the day Saturday as it began ramping up for the upcoming 2014 season.

The amusement park is looking to fill over 5,000 positions for this summer.


Dwight K.

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Where are all the CP bashers complaining that the company does nothing for the city .

O, I forgot , the entitlement kids don't need to work.

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Yep, we already know the rich kids don't have to work.


That's funny,my kids as well as most that I know whose parents make an upper middle class income work. It's not the so called rich kids wandering the street at all hours of the night wreaking havoc on innocent bystanders.

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You're not rich.


CP and its low


Seasonal entry level jobs targeted to teens and college kids aren't expected to pay $20/hr.


What a great experience for a child. Learn a work ethic. Generate money to pay for your personal needs. Learn the value or work and money. A great start to a life of personal responsibility .

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The Hero Zone

I put in five summers. It's not just the money or whatever the work entails. There is a lot that can be learned about socialization good/bad management, and the exposure to other cultures you get from the internationals that work there.




Oh yeah, the great Satan CP, the same evil empire that the people of Sandusky are constantly trying to grab more money from. If CP wasn't there, Sandusky would be in much worse shape than it is. Go peddle your nonsense somewhere else. Better yet go get a job, since it's apparent by your all day ranting on every story that either you are sitting home on the dole, or your boss doesn't know you are wasting his time posting when you should be working.


If cedar point wasn't there Perkins would suffer also. Cedar point brings most of the business to Perkins. We know you are from Perkins but let's be real none of these restaurants, and stores would survive without cedar points visitors.


Actually I am not from Perkins, I live in rural Huron County. I do however agree with you to some extent.


Up until around 12 years ago it was actually a pretty decent place to earn a tidy sum over the summer before going back to college. CP paid wages of about $1.30-$2.00 over minimum wage, and on top of that there was a bonus for completing your contract. The bonus was typically 1 dollar per hour worked over the course of your contract. More if you worked during the "Halloweekends" This usually meant around a thousand dollars or so for an employee who stayed all season, and was an incredibly strong motivator at the end of a season. Staffing traditionally falls to a low point towards the end of a season, people wind up working longer hours with fewer breaks, and usually the last 2-3 weeks are done with no days off. However, starting really in 2007 things began to change.
Ohio has traditionally had one of the lowest minimum wages, hanging at around $5.45 an hour for years until the federal government raised the minimum wage. Cedar Point's response to this was to take the increases out of the bonus. When the minimum wage was raised by 50 cents, they cut the bonus by 50 cents. When the minimum wage was raised again, they cut the bonus down to a paltry 35 cents. Eventually equilibrium was reached at $7.30 an hour, 5 cents below minimum wage, with no bonus. Cedar Point is able to do this because they classify as many of their employee's as possible as "seasonal". Meaning no minimum wage laws, and no overtime laws. They will classify anyone they can as seasonal, even employee's whom work 40+ hours a week year round. Sometimes this is accomplished by shifting employee's around between jobs during the year, other times it is just simply done and not a word is said.
Prior to this there was a variety of payrates for different jobs around the park, now there is one payrate.


The above post shows you don't know what you are talking about.


Base wage in 1997 was $5.00/hr. With inflation, that's $7.31 in 2014.


I have to agree holysee. I worked there when I was a teen we did have bonuses. In my twenties I worked at Tgi Fridays and was surprised to see we would work some days from 2pm till 4 am some days. We even had teens with us. While cedar point is a OK summer job the pay isn't worth it.

Dr. Information

What do you expect? People using a broom to clean up after people or kids saying "have a nice day here at Cedar Point" to make 20 bucks an hour?

These are ENTRY LEVEL JOBS and are highly replaceable and Cedar Point is always losing and hiring.

You non business people simply do not get it, but hey thats called being uneducated.


Cedar Point is a joke! There are many people in this area that need jobs yet they won't hire! I put in 5 + years there in high school and college. One summer I decided to return to college early. Gave them all paper work they required in plenty of time as they requested. That following summer after I applied got rehired and received my contract and paperwork in the mail i went to process in and there I found out I was a "no rehire". I had to write letters to the high ups as well as have letters of recommendation from professors. After doing all that I was still and currently on the no rehire list! I've seen some of the people whom they have hired and I laughed! It's a thing called Karma! Never knew trying to better myself was going to be such an issue!