They call him Mean Streak Henry

Breaking new frontiers at Cedar Point
Melissa Topey
Oct 26, 2013


In 3 minutes and 10 seconds, he was hooked.

That was 22 years ago.

More than 11,000 rides later — 11,290, to be exact, as of Oct. 13 — Henry Sievers still can’t get enough. “I knew it was fast,” Sievers said, recalling his first ride on the Mean Streak at Cedar Point when the ride opened in 1991. “It was great. I’ve been riding it ever since.” During Cedar Point’s operating season, Sievers rides Mean Streak about 30 times a day, on average. Sometimes more, sometimes less.    But when he says “riding,” consider adding the word religiously next to it.

He has kept meticulous track of his rides over the decades.

It’s a curious feat, and it has earned him the name “Mean Streak Henry.”

There’s something about the coaster’s thrills and noises — the trains thundering by, the creaking of the wood frame — that continues to lure Sievers, day after day.

He said he loves the view that Mean Streak offers of the lake and the amusement park.

His love for coasters was ignited when he was a 12-year-old boy growing up in New York. At Eldridge Park, with his mom and dad by his side, he rode his first wooden coaster.

If memory serves him right, it was smaller than Cedar Point’s Junior Gemini. “It was great,” Sievers said.

Then, when he was visiting Geauga Lake in 1985, a chance conversation got him to visit Cedar Point. “Someone said I should check out this park called Cedar Point, that was about an hour away,” he said. “I’ve been coming ever since.”

The first coaster he rode on his first visit: Gemini. “I rode it and rode it,” he said. Mean Streak came along a few years later, and a love affair was born. “I always see Mean Streak Henry,” Cedar Point general manager John Hildebrandt said. “He always has a smile on his face and he is always walking to the Mean Streak.”

When Sievers retired in 2008 from his job as a custodial worker at Corning Community College, he and his wife started living at the local KOA campground six months out of the year. The arrangement gives him plenty of opportunity to visit Cedar Point several times each day during the summer.

In the winters he and his wife return to their home in New York.

Sievers could quite likely claim rights to a “Most Rides on Mean Streak” award, if such recognition existed. But the park doesn’t track any individual’s rides, Hildebrandt said.

Ultimately, Mean Streak Henry is a living testament to mankind’s love of coasters — especially the ones at Cedar Point.

“Cedar Point is an emotional experience,” Hildebrandt said. “(Guests) bond with certain rides.”


looking around

Some just call him nuts!

Dwight K.

Must have a spine of steel


I was going to say the same thing! (Although the ride has been improved in the past few years.)

Stop It

Amen. Once was enough.

Colonel Angus

What a weirdo.

Señor Clown

If it were any ride other than Mean Streak, I'd chalk it up to some strange, quirky, likely harmless disorder. Considering he compulsively rides one of the harshest coasters I've ever had the misfortune of riding, I'd say it's bordering on a dangerous masochistic obsession.


It is actually pretty cool. There are a couple different people. There is dragster Larry. He was the first to ride dragster 500 times last I had heard and that was a couple years ago. There is also a guy that has a record on millenium. I never knew until I met Larry that there is actually a group that travels to different parks all year long. I was surprise to find out how many roller coaster enthusiasts there are.

Dwight K.

I wanna break the record for riding the Train and be called Railroad Dwight


Ride on Henry!


I have a headache for 2 days after I ride that. Good for him.

Stop It

Check all the people out in this comment section that didn't try to sue Cedar Point for a bad ride. lol.


I was going to say, his back must be made of titanium! After riding it, I had to go to a chiropracter!! That being said, however, I laud his efforts! What an awesome fete for someone who loves CP as much as we all do!