Cedar Point announces improvements for 2014

Two new rides, upgrades to Camp Snoopy and Hotel Breakers are planned.
Melissa Topey
Aug 28, 2013


Cedar Point announced Tuesday morning two family friendly rides coming to the park in 2014.

Officials unveiled that Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles will rise along the Gemini Midway.

Watch an announcement for the improvements by the Faile family from Beavercreek, Ohio below

See more about Cedar Point's new rides Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles by clicking on their names

“We are excited about these new additions to the park,” said Jason McClure, incoming Vice President and General Manager of Cedar Point.

The rides are designed to thrill the younger guests and continue to allow families to enjoy the park together.

Pipe Scream is a combination roller coaster and flat ride in one in which riders rock back and forth and spin on 302 feet of track 43 feet above the ground at a top speed of 43 miles per hour.

Lake Erie Eagles is a classic swing thrill ride soaring 28 feet in the air, simulating flight as the carriages push outward. A paddle in the carriage allows guests to create their own experience, from mild to wild.

The new season will also see the beginning of the two year renovation of Hotel Breakers. The first phase of the remodel, beginning this winter, will upgrade the exterior of the hotel. The second phase will renovate the guest rooms and interior spaces. That phase is projected to begin the following winter.




They used to have a ride similar to the Eagle one at Geauga Lake. It was pretty fun.


cutting the price would be the biggest improvement..


Not sure what you're talking about mikey. For $150 you get a season pass to CP, Soak City, all the Cedar Fair Parks, AND free parking. I don't think there's a better deal anywhere on Earth.

If I were CP I'd keep that deal and charge an extra $20 for people from the state up north.


you might be on to something there..

red white and blue

Denny I love that idea

Colonel Angus

Somewhere a carnie is missing a couple rides. That's some weak sauce CP.


ha! love it!


I'm all about improvements. Maybe some day they'll spruce up the nasty bathrooms.


Can't put in $25 million coasters every single year


Just keep showing us the money. Nice job Matt. Your well respected over there. Keep up the good work and listening to your employees.

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This was a pretty hard set of photos to swallow! It was like a whole bunch of memories were blown away :0



Please bring back the Wild Mouse. (Am I "dating" myself or what?!?)