911 call from Shoot the Rapids

Phone call came into the Erie County Sheriff's Office and then transferred to Cedar Point police.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 19, 2013


Click on the player to the right to listen to the call



Dispatch needs to change procedures and notify the Sandusky Fire Department as wellwhether or not Cedar Point has medical personal in the park or not. A delay could mean life or death to someone if Cedar Point cannot handle the situation. Sandusky Fire Department should have been dispatched right away just as a precaution.


Cedar Point has full time Police and Medics 24/7.


Ever heard of the term MCI? The text book definition is more patients than your resources can handle. I'm 110% certain that a ride carrying the number of passengers as this one, would have more than overwhelmed the three (at best) paramedics. CP dropped the ball. It's all a money game. Typical everything driven by politics.


"Three at best" lol!! You don't know much about Cedar Point First Responders. Just eat your Fries and ride the rides.


I feel sorry for the dispatcher. Ebonics is not an understandable language.


How frightening!

Phroggy: I understood the caller just fine and it appeared the dispatchers did too. I know what Ebonics is - - and this caller wasn’t speaking Ebonics at all. She was talking fast, but when cortisol and adrenaline are flowing through the bloodstream, the heart beats faster. Our speech pattern becomes faster too. That stems from research in the biological sciences. It happens to everyone. She was speaking fast due high anxiety - - this was in no way the speech pattern of Ebonics.


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