Black and blue Streak

Dump truck backs into Blue Streak at Cedar Point
Melissa Topey
Apr 26, 2013


The Blue Streak roller coaster is more accustomed to delivering jolting rides to Cedar Point guests. 

Friday morning, the iconic ride found itself on the receiving end when a dump truck backed into it.

No worries, park officials said — the ride should still be ready for opening day.

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I wonder how long it will be befor they tear that one down...


This is probably the last year. Rumor has it, its going to replaced with a chucky cheese resturant. We will see. Going to miss it.


No..Say it isn't so!


I can remember when the Blue Streak was the best ride in the park.


I have to admit, I still enjoy the Blue Streak, even though it's getting painful to ride. My bones are old ! Ha


This is a historic coaster. I would hope it will be in service for a long time. I rode it first with my father, 50 years ago, and have ridden it with my children.

It is funny how much bigger people have gotten, those old seats look so small!!

We get season tickets every year, and ride the Blue Streak every time we are at the park. It should get more attention from Cedar Point for being the iconic coaster that it is.


Is Gunner in charge over there?

Freeze_Frame's picture

Sheesh! How BIG does something have to be before you miss backing into it?! I bet that driver will never live that one down! I can remember being a kid and riding on the "big" Blue Streak. I was terrified by the time we got up front to get on the ride but my uncle told me it was too late to change my mind after standing in line for almost 2 hope they keep that old ride and the cars you drive around in. Just because something is old doesn't mean it is old to the next generation.

Raoul Duke

2 minute wait now.


I really don't think they are going to tear it down to build Chucky Cheeese.
Sounds like someone got twisted information.


The guy did not back into it. He drove under it with the box lifted slightly and hit a support beam. Still it was a dumb mistake.