Cedar Point donates roller coaster pieces to museum

Parts of Wildcat and Disaster Transport shipped to Texas, but Sandusky among 'Top 10' potential sites for National Roller Coaster Museum.
Tom Jackson
Mar 17, 2013


Two dismantled Cedar Point rides have gone away, but the amusement park is trying to make sure they're not forgotten.

Cedar Point donated pieces of the Wildcat and Disaster Transport to the National Roller Coaster Museum, which is seeking to preserve the history of roller coasters for coaster fans.

The park also paid to ship the coaster parts to the museum's storage buildings in Plainview, Texas.

That's an unusual act of generosity, said Richard Munch, a project director at a Cleveland architectural firm who sits on the museum's board.

The attitude of most amusement parks is, "You want it, come pick it up," Munch said. 

Munch said the museum's board has to consider a permanent future home for the museum and Sandusky has a top spot on the short list.

"Where it will be, I don't know," Munch said. "Sandusky is one of the Top 10 places it should be."

Get the ePaper or buy a Register at a newsstand near you on Monday to learn more about the museum and the artifacts donated by everyone's favorite amusement park.



Remember many happy times on that Disaster Transport. Going with my son for the first time he cried he was so scared but he wanted to do it. Then the first time he did not cry and was not scared.........and he said I did it !!! and anxiously said....Common on lets do it again...I am not afraid anymore. Yes I have many memories of it over the years.


Yea Garden, alot of good times people have had with their kids there. I remember taking mine up the stairs to let them slide down the slide in a burlap bag, many years ago.


What's them name of the ride that spun and the floor dropped away? That was my favorite as a kid


The Rotor


Thanks. Great memories.

Dude i Roc

Roller Coaster Museum Rt 6 Sandusky East- like!