Cedar Point announces new ride: GateKeeper

Cedar Point has introduced GateKeeper - a new roller coaster for 2013 that will change the entrance of the park.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 13, 2012


Cedar Point has introduced GateKeeper — a new roller coaster for 2013 that will change the entrance of the park.

Reaching speeds of up to 67 miles per hours, riders will be seated out to the sides of this winged coaster for a unique ride experience. It will travel 4,164 linear feet in a single trip with a ride time of 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

"Roller coasters really define who we are at Cedar Point," said Cedar Point Vice President and General Manager John Hildebrandt. "They are our calling card if you will."

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Recording of the announcement press conference: 

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2cents's picture


Oops another typo!


Looks awesome.  Great job CP and good luck.


I must be getting old though.  I got dizzy just from watching the rendered version....lol.


Why do we begin with 6 1/2 minutes of no action?  Is the editor on vacation?  And what happened to the sound?  SR, you're a real case!


So when are they putting in the Key Master?  You can't have a Gate Keeper without a Key Master!!!!!


I want CP to build ONE ride for up old foggies that doesn't spin you upside down, turn you on your head, break your neck, go 300 miles and hour, twist you in twenty thousand pieces and bend you backwards every forty feet. 

Oh, wait, they did that....its called the merry go round.....never mind. 


The gate keeper, 50 dollars per ticket but DO NOT TRY TO RAID HER FRIDGE!



Cedar Creek Mine Ride. Been "thrilling" folks since 1969.






I like it......looks neat on the entrance to the park.




 WOW! Looks like another great ride. I can hardly imagine the excitement vistors to the park will feel as they approach the main gate.


 They have turned the ticket into a transforming device!  It will make you THE KEY MASTER.                      AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!


The purpose of GateKeeper is to empty your pockets at the "front" gate as you twist and turn and go upside down.


Artist's rendering makes Gatekeeper look like an awesome entrance to CP! As for the ride itself, I'm afraid of heights, afraid of going upside down, afraid of big roller coasters...and I cannot WAIT to ride it! Good choice, CP!