Here's your sneak peek at the new Dinosaurs Alive! attraction at Cedar Point

Dinosaurs are invading Cedar Point.
Melissa Topey
Mar 29, 2012


Dinosaurs are invading Cedar Point.

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Angustinaripterus, Allosaurus and others began arriving at the park Wednesday.
Contractors are getting the creatures ready for an eventual release into their new habitat — the trees and sands of Adventure Island.

The Dinosaurs Alive! attraction, a $1 million undertaking featuring 50 animatronic dinosaurs, should be ready for exploration when Cedar Point opens May 12.

 “We are still receiving deliveries,” said Charles Hutchison, Cedar Point’s digital marketing manager. “This is going to be amazing.”

The display opens up areas of the park that most visitors have never ventured into during the regular season, other than Terror Island during HalloWeekends.

Guests will find themselves stepping onto Adventure Island after crossing a bridge near Camp Snoopy.

In seasons past, visitors could only view the island from certain rides or specific vantage points in the park.

The new exhibit also lets guests walk underneath the back part of the Millennium Force.

Three dozen different types of dinosaurs will be included among 13 different scenes, each scene specific to a prehistoric era.

Most impressive, no doubt, will be the 40-foot-tall and 72-foot-long Ruyangosaurus, whose neck and head will stretch out over the midway, towering over the passersby.

Each dinosaur is eerily realistic, with synthetic skins made from materials and colors that create a genuinely authentic look.

Dinosaurs Alive! winds along a half-mile concrete trail that’s made to resemble petrified soil. The path is also peppered with what’s made to look like fossilized leaves and dinosaur footprints. 

But the coup de grace comes when the life-sized dinosaurs thunder to life, moving and roaring as people walk by. 

Contractors should have all the dinosaurs installed in short order, providing them more time to focus on building foliage and scenic elements. 

“In true Cedar Point fashion, we will take every minute available to us to make it perfect,” Hutchison said.

The park is charging guests a $5 fee — beyond the regular admission price — to view the exhibit.

“A $5 admission makes it an exclusive experience for the guests who want it and can appreciate it,” Hutchison said. “That is, families with children.”

Dinosaurs Unearthed, a Canadian company, created the attraction for Cedar Point.

An early draft of this story appeared here earlier by mistake. It has been corrected with the final version.



the story is slighty incorrect, guests where permitted on the island during Halloweekends at night


In true Cedar Point fashion we will take every minute available to us to make it perfect,” said Hutchison.


Which in Cedar Point Fashion should be it will be open on June 14th....


LOL @ Chongo. Yeah, it will open in June and then will be shut down 2 weeks later for an unknown problem and reopen again just in time for halloweekends.  At $5/ head they can keep it though, with the steep price of admission and the outrageous price to park, this should be included in the price.


 lol @ chongo, you are so right lol @ knuckledragger i agree with the prices as high as they are now, the dinosaur exhibit should be included. its hard as it is affording to take the children there. i think we will wait a couple years :)


Pretty sure this is the same exhibit that has been at the Cleveland Zoo. They only charged an additonal $1 per person to see the attratction. As well if had a Cleveland zoo pass it was FREE .. I have to agree $5 is a bit much to pay after already paying $27 -$45 for each ticket to get into the park ..


Just Thinkin

What a WASTE, the boats are gone for this crap, The point is really going down hill what next Mickey & Minnie coming to town? LOL


 It will be interesting to see how they will mask out the roller coaster in the background or the noise the roller coaster makes when it is running in order to give you the feeling that you are In a prehistoric era.  I don't think that is possible therefore Dick's final purchase for the park will be just as successful as putting buildings over Avalanche Run and making it a 2 million dollar disaster!  Another epic failure of Dick Kinzel!


Oh, for pity's sake. The Register isn't exactly known for its proper English, but this might be the worst article I've seen posted in quite a little while!

Park attendees don't see things from "advantage points." They see them from VANTAGE points. Things aren't "special made" to look like petrified soil. They're SPECIALLY made. And then there are the typos...

Yes, I know there are those who object to the proofing police. But seriously, isn't this supposed to be a professional news publication as opposed to some junior high Journalism 101 class? (In which case, by the way, any teacher worth his or her salt would have pointed out the numerous errors and had them corrected by the writers.)

As for the new attraction, well, I'd love to see it! But I, too, am not paying an additional admission price when I've already paid (and paid quite a bit, plus parking fees) to get into the park in the first place!


If there are 50 dinosaurs, that's only 10 cents per dinosaur.  : )


Lame. RIP, Paddle Wheel Excursion. I still cannot believe you were sacrified for this....


Five extra bucks??????????????????YABBADABBADOO.


@Sam....they must have read your post and made the corrections   But I would NOT pay and extra $5 to see this either.  NO WAY.  Sorry CP  you may have blown it on this one, especially for those with children...that is a little steep.   

BW1's picture

It's amazing how many people here say this attraction won't fly.  Just because YOU don't like it or find value (and I'm with you on that) doesn't mean that there isn't a strong market for it.  

How much money have YOU made in the amusement park business to show as proof that you know what will and will not succeed?  How much data from similar attractions at similar prices at other parks have YOU analyzed?   Do you really think they just pull ideas out of their backside with no basis?  

Stop projecting your own tastes and realize that for any given individual, at least 25% of the attractions hold no attraction.  To fill that park, you have to accommodate a wide range of tastes, and a wide variety of views on how to spend money.  $5 to be power dried after a water ride seems insane to me, but those dryers always seem to be in use with more suckers, er, people, waiting.  I'd never pay $2.50 for a candy bar in a vending machine, but I've seen parents swipe the credit card through the slot two and three times to appease their little magpies.  The mere fact that you're READING the news and making written comments about it differentiates you from the typical American consumer so far you might as well be from another planet.   To borrow from P.T. Barnum, there's one born every minute, and they like dinosaurs.

The biggest blow to most American parents' wallets is their inability to tell their kids NO.   The best illustration of this was when 60 Minutes covered a coalition of parents asking Congress to regulate the price of Kellogg's and Post's popular cereal brands because they (the parents) lacked the backbone to tell their little darlings to shut up and eat the identical bargain brands.  In almost every industry where it's applicable, vendors are being told to market to the kids, because they drive the parents' spending decision.  

Stop projecting, and just be happy about the al a carte pricing of it.  I don't like beer, but I'm not about to predict Anheiser Busch's bankruptcy on that basis.   Instead, I'm just thankful that all those people paying a 500% markup on a couple beers with their meal are helping to keep the menu prices lower for me.  Similarly, I'm glad that, since I don't like this year's new attraction, skipping it effectively gives me a $5 on the Cedar Point experience.  Now, if only I could get them to charge separate admission for the song,dance, and ice shows and remove the cost of them from the gate price, life would be great. 


I'll pay to see it once.  Then if it is good wait till we come back in October to see it again.  Cedar Point is standing tall.  Happy retirement Dick and enjoy.


It will only be a "valuable investment of my time" if the dinosaurs actually move animatronically. I'm hoping this will be a lot better than the recently closed Prehistoric Forest. So far it doesn't look like the dinosaurs heading to CP are going to make any movements, just stand in place with a radio in plain sight making the sound effects. If thats what they are going to do, they'd be best off renaming it "Dinosaurs Extinct But Hey, At Least They Look Real. Now Give Us Your Five Extra Dollars!"