Cedar Fair purchases old J.D. Byrider property

Cedar Fair has purchased the former J.D. Byrider building and a 13.8 acre lot at 2000 Cleveland Road for $735,000.
Melissa Topey
Jun 30, 2012


Cedar Fair has purchased the former J.D. Byrider building and a 13.8 acre lot at 2000 Cleveland Road for $735,000.

The purchase on June 22 from Starland Investment Co. is part of Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet's plan to beautify the entrance corridors to the park and the city.

“People should see some enhancements to the area,” said Annie Zelm, a Cedar Point spokeswoman. “We look forward to developing it.”

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what a shame the City and CP could not work together. It looks to be a good spot for city hall and SPD.


 Parking area for cp so they can reduce parking on other side add monorail across would make most sense instead of getting rid of more coasters


I was just coming here to say this. But instead of an expensive monorail, they could just use a tram system.


@titanfan84  that would be too easy


titanfan84:   CP needs to hire you. A great idea! That is one reason that Ihate going to CP. I am not handicapped, but do have trouble with my knee and walking a great distance. That walk from the lot to the entrance is a killer. Once inside the park, it isn't bad because I can sit on a bench if need be. I remember when CP had trolleys that picked you up at the entrance and took you to the row where your car was parked. Also took you from the row to the entrance. Great way to help people out. Of course, this service was free so they had to discontinue it.

he said she said

@ akmed  it would be a nice spot for city hall and SPD or if the city did not want to move the whole building, make it a satelite station.  That would even work also


 I don't see it as a viable option for City Hall and/or SPD. First of all, it's not centrally located. And secondly, it would be a nightmare fighting CP traffic in and out during the summer. Even in the off season that stretch of Cleveland Rd. has a steady stream of fast moving traffic. 

I wouldn't mind seeing it used for shuttle service to CP. I would even pay $5 bucks for a trip to the front gates at CP. Beats paying the current $12 or $20 they're charging now.


 Maybe they can talk Jimmy Buffet into a Margaritaville....


A monorail -- seriously? On paper that may look ideal and cool but it simply isn't realistic. Do you know the red tape CP would have to go through with the City of Sandusky to make that happen, not even possible. They may possibly use a bus system from this area as an "overfill" lot when the parking is or at near capacity near the park; an as need basis. Highly doubtful even then. If anything, CP they will build multiple parking garages as the development of the penninsula is simply being limited. The current CEO was once with Disneyland Resorts, correct? Maybe his former employer provided an idea: http://disneyland.disney.go.com/plan/guest-services/parking/ 



It would make a great parking lot for when the revamp The resturant across the street into a casino


You are right lugnut.  CP owns the property across the street and they own a TGIF inside CP.  I could see plans to change that.  It's actually a great idea if the area could get a casino!  That is a very large building that could be easily converted.

The Don

 If they are looking to beautify the entrance corridor then shouldn't they also buy the old McDonald/harleyshop/cool waves eyesore !?


 it would be nice if they could even run a water taxi service/ferry from Castaway Bay to the park.  Isn't that how it was before the causeway?


 it would be nice if they could even run a water taxi service/ferry from Castaway Bay to the park.  Isn't that how it was before the causeway?


It's going to be a winter maintenance shop since the new ride will be eliminating there present winter maintenance area which is one of the picnic shelters that they close up in the winter and heat.


they need to move city hall to downtown, somewhere around columbus ave.


same old nothing goin on in sandusky,, back to pornhub..


I hope they dig it up and make a man made pond.. Then they can bring the paddle wheel boat back.



Mikey....I am a big fan of tubegalore myself....


I agree the location is not centrally located in the City of Sandusky for police station. It would be like moving the police station along side the OSP post out on Route 6. For a sub police station did we not go thru all these substations and those now are all closed up.

Can't be a parking option for CP as overall its so little space. Why have so few parking spaces and then build a costly monorail etc to the main gate?

Sure can't be additional parking for Castaway Bay as that is already having a hard time competing against Kalahari as it is. They have quite ample parking for the low number of customers they have.



 figure they can make a dorm there for the employees who work at Fridays and Castaway - hear they are tearing down a dorm on cp proper - I think there used to be a water taxi from Castaway to CP -(twice) and both times it didn't work out.