Memo: Cedar Point to build coaster in 2013

Cedar Fair stands ready to spend big money on a new roller coaster for 2013 at Cedar Point that will change the park landscape.
Melissa Topey
May 31, 2012


Cedar Fair stands ready to spend big money on a new roller coaster for 2013 at Cedar Point that will change the park landscape.

Code-named “CP Alt.Winged,” the coaster will have the “longest drop, run the fastest and be the longest ride” of its kind, Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet wrote in Feb. 15 memo to Cedar Fair’s board of directors.

The total projected cost of the project is $25 million, a price that includes removing the park’s Space Spiral and Disaster Transport rides and restructuring the park entrance. 

Ouimet was unavailable for comment Tuesday.

To see photos of the Space Spiral and Disaster Transport, click HERE.

Lee Alexakos, corporate vice president of marketing, declined to confirm the information in the memo.

“We have not announced any plans for 2013 but we did announce a $25 million investment,” Alexakos said. “This will be one of the largest capital expenditures ever.”

Alexakos said that with any ride or attraction Cedar Point undertakes, the company is always looking to set records.

The Swiss-based Bolliger & Mabillard Consulting Engineers is set to design the new ride, which was described in the memo as having a “Front Gate Statement— a roller coaster that flies overhead, rolls and flies back— highly visible above guests entering the park.”

The firm designed Cedar Point’s Raptor.

A winged coaster is designed to suspend riders on wings to the sides of the rails so there is no track above or below the guest.

Engineering schematics show a proposed coaster with gravity defying twists, curves and rolls.

“Rob Decker (Cedar Fair VP of planning and design) and others have done a great job of creating a compelling, economically attractive new coaster for Cedar Point,” Ouimet wrote. “We believe this particular ride design with this particular manufacturer balances the desire for marketable innovation and risk associated with early adaptations of prototypes.”

Bolliger & Mabillard designed the first winged coaster for installation in Italy at a park known as Gardaland. The Six Flags Great American park outside of Chicago also has one of the company’s winged coasters, called X-Flight. 

The new ride at Cedar Point could promise to be a work horse available to guests at almost any time they are in the park.

“Rob talked to operators of the first one in Italy and found no unanticipated negatives and very high ride reliability (less than 1 percent operational downtime).

Design plans show the new ride with a 170-foot tall lift that will fly overhead of park guests entering the park. It will have the longest track and longest ride time of any coaster of its style as it flies overhead, rolls and then fly back.

The huge roller coaster will dominate the front gate and the track will travel over a large parking area at the park.

“We have several coasters that cover parking lots,” Ouimet wrote. “Not necessarily ideal, but certainly acceptable given tight site constraints and the amount of land such attractions require.”

Disaster Transport and the Space Spiral both would have to come down if the site plan currently under consideration is chosen.

Part of the $25 million investment will also include renovations and upgrades at the park entrance from the parking lot.

Cedar Point general manger John Hildebrandt was not available for comment on Tuesday.



Thats it take another Family Ride out again.  Space Spiral is one of the staple rides of the park.  If you want to add another coaster thats fine but quit taking the family rides out.  You have took out Paddel Wheel Excursion for Dinosaurs Alive, You took out the Swan Boats,  for Maverick,  You are basically saying you do not want families to come to your parks.  Enough is enough.   


Because everytime I go there - there are families left and right...


Because everytime I go there - there are families left and right...


First the Paddlewheel Excursion and now the Space Spiral? =(  Love the idea of a new super-coaster, but not at the continued expense of rides at CP that non-thrill seekers can enjoy.


Looks like this is the last year I buy a pass. I used to love the movie house that showed large screen movies of the Grand Canyon and other things. It was a good place to cool off. The Ice shows are nice, but it is the same one every day. So long to the paddle boats, etc. Looks like they want to make this park "for youngsters" only. Some of us cannot ride the rides like we used to. I remember when there were just blacktop paths to get from one attraction to another. So long Cedar Point.


What do you mean for youngsters?  I was there a few weekends ago and I saw a 65 year old man riding Raptor.


grandmasgirl says: I remember when there were just blacktop paths to get from one attraction to another. So long Cedar Point..

I remember when there were wooden walkways - I really must be old.

Ms Joyce

grandma: don't feel bad, I'm probably your age and I remember when the parking fee to enter the park, was 50 cents for the entire carload. You
paid for each ride with a ticket. Do you remember the live horse's in kiddie land? If you can't take the excitement anymore just accompany
your Grandchildren. VIVA LA ABUELA


Video link to the Six Flags version "X-Flight":

The original in Italy:


First you need to look at a few things..   space spiral's age.  the number one reason.   durring the power outage of '03 the guests were stuck up there for hours, no way to get them out untill the power came back on.  the upkeep and maintinence on that attraction is high and has just run it's course...

Disaster Transport, need anyone really say anything?  it hasn't been DT since what, 1998?   it's been a sad sad shadow of it's original refurb self for years no.  no audio, no videos, no preshow fun, no themeing, just sad sad.  Would have loved to see the same group of imagineers from the big D come back and restore it to it's original glory, but the time has come, and time to go.   Yes, more family attractions are needed more then ever, but the name of the game is Thrill Rides.  that's why 95% of people go there.  you don't like it, don't go.   enough said.   Too many people in the local area just love to complain about the directions the park goes.  head up there this year, and just look around and you will notice the new directions and fingerprints of the new ownership just in how well the park looks compaired to past seasons.  that front corner has been a dead corner for years now, and needs some new life.  what i would love to see is the boardwalk used to the most of it's potential, don't think that will ever happen anymore, but who knows.    Just stop complaining, and enjoy what you have.  and if you don't, just speak with your wallet.


You have to pay an extra $5 to see the fake dinos.  You have to pay an extra $8 for a fourth of the parking lot, making it $20 if you want to park there.  All the prices have gone up.  You will probably have to pay extra for the new coaster too.


 Let be honest here, I honestly didnt even realize that they had taken out rides. The only thing im going to be upset about is because DT will be gone, there will be no where to escape into some A/C. They are both old and beat up rides, so i think that calls for either modernizing them or removing them. Also neither of these rides were a big part of the park, they never really had any sort of line. People rode DT just to say they rode every rollercoaster in the park. And for the Space Spiral, I feel like seeing the Dragster on the way there has much more of an impact. I do understand what most are saying though with them taking out calm rides, but they are not the only ones in the park, there is still 20+ family rides.

Peachy Keen

Geez, what a bunch of whiners commenting on here! Seems like no matter what Cedar Point does, folks come on here and complain. As usual, so many locals can't stand fathom the idea that "time marches on"! Things change, and we can't go back to those simpler days and times in Sandusky, OR Cedar Point, that we so cherish in our memories.  First of all, the park doesn't exist just for old geezers who want to stroll around and reminisce about the good old days. Last time I was there, I saw hundreds of families enjoying the park, so this malarkey about "not wanting families to come" is ridiculous. Secondly, if you are so worried about having somewhere to cool off in the A/C, maybe you should pick the day you go over more carefully. For those of us living in Sandusky and vicinity, it's easy to pick and choose the best, most comfortable weather days to go to the park. Third, so many Sanduskians seem to feel that they somehow own Cedar Point, or that we are owed something more from Cedar Point than they already contribute to our local economy, because we deal with heavy traffic each summer. Well, can you imagine what a ghost town Sandusky/Perkins Twp. would be if not for tourism and the money it brings in? Sure, it's great to claim the world's greatest amusement  park as our own, but Cedar Point IS a business and business decisions wil be made as opposed to sentimental ones. Our area economy is now based on... and benefits greatly from... the tourism business from CP and also the waterparks. Can you imagine how much we'd lose financially if they didn't exist here!? Cedar Point does what it has to do to remain a leader in the amusement park industry, and I'm pretty sure it's prices are no worse than those in Orlando or Anaheim.


I agree 100% Peachy.  I'm surprised people aren't complaining about Fascination being removed, lol.


@ peacky keen...Very well said!


@ Peachykeen; "BINGO!" rides create construction jobs, new enthusiasm for park attendess and keeps a foucus on the one real economic engine we have in North-central Ohio. (none of our opinions really count anyway because C.P. will do what it wants due to informed market research rather than local public sentiment based upon "what used to be".)

Question to C.P., "Is there some way, some ride, some attraction that could utilize the Lake Erie waters?" Now that would be radically awesome! Can you imagine taking a ride that dives under Lake Erie? Or skims along its surface then shoots up towards the sky at a 60 degree incline? Or both. Hmmm. Maybe I should design rides meant for we 60 year old types. ? ! ("Yes"...I remember rides like the Wild Mouse.) Ps. I was the individual who was responsible for laying out every single piece of wood and timber for the Mean Streak roller coaster for a nine month period and then spent another 3 months climbing around inside it in the dark after the the park closed each day to the public so we workers could "fine tune it" (as well as spending a lot of time building other rides and attractions at C.P.) so I have some idea what goes on in the park and its importance to the entire local area in many facets.) I say, "Rock On C.P." (and thank you for being here and progressive with your foward thinking) 



I heard that the Space Spiral was T. A. Schwangers' second ride they went on during his first date.  

Former Resident

i understand change is necessary to stay with the competion and yes, wiuthout Cedar Point, Sandusky would be a ghost town all year long.  Taking ou the Space Spiral???  That is an icon for Cedar Point since???  Hate to see it go!

Former Resident

The Space Spiral has been part of Cedar Point since 1965


 I'm a bit confused here.  It this info is true and accurate then why is the vice president of Marketing not commenting on this?  Wouldn't that be the person you would want to be your spokesperson?  Something seems fishy here.........and why not the typical tease then release info?  Did Kinzel let this one out of the bag again too early?


I too, would hate to see the space spiral go away. It is a signature ride at Cedar Point, but it is old

and probably requires a lot of maintenance. I could care less about the Disaster Transport. I think

that CP should have taken this ride out a long time ago. I thought that Cedar Point would put a

new roller coaster ride in next year and that part of the park is probably the best place for it. I am

surprised that they have not expanded that part of the park earlier.


Yessssss!  Another world record coaster!  It is about dang time.  I want to see Cedar Point keep it's reputation for world class coasters.  Disaster Transport/Avanlanche Run was not one of those.  It is lame.  Take it out.  Relocate the Space Spiral.  I know people like it.  I have only rode it twice in 43 years so I won't miss but I know others will.  There are many things I wish the Point would have kept like the Paddleboat Ride, Jungle Larry, the Aquarium, and dolphin shows but the Point is built on a pennisula and there is limited space so older things must go in order to bring in bigger and sometimes better things.  Progress maybe but it is what it is.  I was very angry when Sea World sold out but there is nothing I could do about it.  So, if the Space Spiral goes then I will look for the silver lining and welcome this world class coaster.  I can't wait to ride it!!!  Also, the coasters are what bring the majority of tourists to the park so I understand where the park is coming from.  They can't please everyone. 


I agree peachy : )


@Cowboy...Kinzel is gone. This may be the way the new management handles their new announcements.

I never understood all the secrecy for them anyway...Everyone knew what was going on months in advance. All it took was one person on site to breathe and it was world wide news. Besides, a new coaster is not a surprise now either...they add them every 3 to 4 years.

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 @srreader...Kinzel is not gone, he is still on the board of directors.  The board of directors are the ones who approve such an investment.  You have been are welcome.

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They should just build a parking deck...


Taking out the Space Spiral is a big mistake.  That ride has a tiny footprint and you could easily build a coaster right around it.  Having a coaster around it would be very cool.  I hope they reconsider it before it's too late.  Cedar point is going to have little for patrons that don't want to ride coasters.  


Dinosaurs Alive is a waste.  I couldn't believe they were doing it when they announced it.  15 years ago it would have been cool but dino displays are everywhere nowdays.  Everyone has seen one.  They should take out Dinosaurs Alive and put the coaster there.


"I remember when there were wooden walkways - I really must be old."  curtis baillie, do you remember noah's ark, the caterpiller and the rock-o-plane? you are not that old if your photo is recent.


 FruGalpender - Yep, the caterpiller was my favorite when I was a kid. Everyone screamed when the cover closed. The picture was taken 4 years ago = I just have good genes.:)

car 54

   Why don't the city of Sandusky purchase the Space Spiral for a downtown attraction?


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 I just heard from a Cedar Point employee that this was not supposed to be announced yet.  Someone leaked the info to the Register and now there is a witch hunt to find the person.  Sucks to be that person!


The boat WILL be back, just wait.  The plans are to take the boat around the Island and see the tops of the dinosaurs.  Then you and the family will want to purchase a ticket to walk through the trail.

 Everyone has known Cedar Point would be building a B&M coaster for the past year, so it is no surprise for us. It is always sad to attractions be removed, but sometimes that must occur in order for the park move into the future. Space Spiral and Disaster Transport provide fun entertainment to families for decades and now it is time to move onto other attractions.

If you want to continue to discuss the park, I invisite you all to chat with us at


 I think they need to leave the space spiral alone. I could care less about disastor transport. The spiral has ALWAYS been a big center piece of Cedar Point. I am quite sure they can find some other things that would be less evasive to mess with that the space spiral. It's one of the best ways to see the lake and most of the park while just taking a break from everything. I can't wait to see what other history they get rid of next since nothing is sacred anymore.  


I agree!  Space Spiral is HISTORY!  Classic History!  They need to leave it alone & build the new roller coaster around the Spiral.  

First the Paddle Boats, then the Wild Cat,  what's next???  I hate to guess....

Phil Packer

 I still want to see a Disney World caliber haunted house. 

Former Resident

Remember the Rotor and the Wildcat?


"Question to C.P., "Is there some way, some ride, some attraction that could utilize the Lake Erie waters?"   good idea


"good idea begates great photo rendering." (Where did that pic come from FruGalSpender?) (2 cool)


Maybe....C.P. could build a ride all the way to Canada ("The Bridge to Somewhere with Sanity) Then again....somebody would gripe about water rights infringment.


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coaster boy123

I think this will be a great addition to Cedar Point no matter what happens to the other rides. Disaster Transport has never been very popular in my opinion, nor has the Spiral Tower. Yes they are classic family rides but they are fairly old. I am a thrill seeker! I love trying new rides-especilly new styles! of course it is allways good to settle down with your family on a classic ride, but like i said there are thrill seekers out there. I think there are more thrill lovers than there is of people who like to take it easy.