Cedar Point renaming "decision" still to come

Negotiations ongoing in great LeBron James - Cedar Point coaster naming saga
Melissa Topey
Jul 31, 2014



Naming a coaster after one of the world's greatest basketball player is complicated.

It takes time.

There is no official timeline for when the decision will be reached on which coaster will be named after returning Cleveland Cavalier Lebron James, said Bryan Edwards, Cedar Point's spokesman.

On July 9, Cedar Point tweeted an offer to James when speculation ran rampant he was leaving the Miami Heat and returning to Cleveland.

“Hey @KingJames - come back to the @cavs and we'll rename one of our coasters, "King James!" Ball in your court, sir. RT, #Ohio!”

Two days later, James announced he was coming back.

Park officials vowed to stand by their offer.

After that, very little was heard from park officials.

Cedar Point fans began the speculation, and it hasn't stopped.

As of July 30 the amusement park operator has yet to announce what coaster or ride will be renamed.

“There are meetings with the right people, key stakeholders getting together,” Edwards said. “Part of the decision is what does he want to do. Is it going to be a fun weekend thing or a partnership that goes for years.”

Even who gets to choose the coaster is under negotiation: Will James choose the ride, or will it be Cedar Point? Will the park have to pay to use his name?

The park would like to have an announcement soon but there is no guarantee.

Until then, Cedar Point will continue to have fun with it and coaster enthusiasts continue to give their suggestions of which coaster should be renamed.



Does anyone care?


I do! I think it's great that a class act athlete is coming home and once again giving the area exciting times. Yes, his "decision" probably is his biggest regret but we all make mistakes and he definitely deserves to be forgiven. He's back!


I care. If they name it after LeGone, it may quit half way through.


In all that excitement I guess Edwards didn't realize there was a legal side to his haphazard tweet! Foot in mouth disease!

everyday joe

So over this guy! Forget that we had John Glenn, Thomas Edison, and numerous military people who actually contributed to society. Great message Cedar Point is sending...


Everyday joe : Cedar Point is in the "entertainment" industry and LeBron/Cavaliers are in the entertainment industry. There are other perfectly good places to honor those folks you mentioned. I believe Milan has a Thomas Edison museum, etc. honoring his birthplace and accomplishments.


Overpaid whiner playing a kid's game. Raise the baskets to 12 feet in the NBA and make them earn their money.


Obviously being the best player in the world he's earning his money.....


"Saga" lol, more worthless "news" from the sr


All a marketing scheme to get people into the park. With numbers down the biggest attraction in Ohio is not at Cedar Point but in Cleveland with Lebron returning back to ohio. So rename a ride after him get him to the park which will attract thousands of people to the park, and then charge them to be in the area in which lebron will be. All about money and money alone.


What do you think Ceadar Point is in business for? To not make money? C'mon man!


Will Lebron get endorsement monies?




Like I said before, name it after a real hero(veteran), not someone who gets paid millions whether, he wins or loses.


Here's a thought: LEAVE IT THE F*^* ALONE!!!!!!!!! ....Thank you.


Is that your suggestion for the ride's name? Or are you commenting on whether to rename anything at all?