Kracker says "Uncle" on Top Thrill Dragster

Many followed him on Cedar Point's tallest coaster
Jul 23, 2014


Music artist Uncle Kracker took a break from the Under The Sun tour Wednesday to ride the Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster at Cedar Point. He spent the day with his family riding the park’s record-breaking collection of 72 rides and roller coasters.


Photo Courtesy: Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio





This is obviously an advertisement for Cedar Point. CP even supplied the picture.

If it is not, then this is a new low for the Register...


He had about 3 big nationwide hits, the last being about 5 years ago. Even though I don't see the big deal he was at CP, I think it's funny that some of the small minds here in, "The Dud" have never hears of Uncle Kracker. Now as you go back to watching your re-runs of Lawrence Welk, I'm going back to listening to my favorite band, "The Stray Cats".


Racest title!

The General

Ha hahahahaha from a "YoMamma" sssssiiiittttt what up with dat. And racist is spelled r-a-c-i-s-t. And dat be dat yo


I was hoping it was a play on words... You know,.. '..dragster'-'racest'


No Bobby ?


But dat commen core spellin.

Sandumpy Proud

Thankfully the admissions tax didn't pass yet because he might not have gone to Cedar Point if it was any higher.


Because 1% will add $0.50 to the cost of the ticket. Way to much burden on the ticket buyer. But they have no problem over charging for the food/pop.


And just why should those ticket buyers help pay for your garbage pick up?

The Bizness

WHATTT???????? The city doesn't do garbage pick up.


My mistake, For government raises then,


Do not think CP can not move. Kings Island very well could be their next flag ship park. It is off to a great start. Plenty of room to expand and adding coasters every year.
It is possible. Do not bite the hand that feeds the city. That would be a foolish move.

The Bizness

We are talking about $.50 to a couple bucks for a CP ticket, which the visitor pays. The park doesn't pay that.


When do we quit taxing? Are we all not paying enough? Or maybe we should just add a new tax every time we want to spend money in government.


Uncle Kracker sometimes tours with Kenny Chesney, actually cut a record with him. He's pretty good.