Park mulls King James coaster

Locals chime in following announcement of LeBron's return to Cleveland
Melissa Topey
Jul 11, 2014

Decision III

Cedar Point remains mum Friday evening on which ride will be renamed for LeBron James.

Amusement park officials promised Wednesday to rename one of their roller coasters in an effort to capitalize on the attention and help lure James back to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

"'Hey @KingJames - come back to the @cavs and we'll rename one of our coasters, 'King James!' Ball in your court, sir. RT, #Ohio!," the park announced on Twitter.

The response was immediate -- the tweet was "favorited" 5,600 times, with 12,000 retweets.

James' announcement Friday afternoon that he was returning has been meet with silence from park officials at Cedar Point, and Cedar Fair did not return multiple phone calls seeking comments on developments.

Bryan Edwards, Cedar Point spokesman, did send out a prepared statement about 6 p.m. on Friday

“Over the past few days it has been fun to watch the excitement surrounding the potential, and now realized, return of LeBron James to Cleveland. We stand ready to honor our original tweet. Congratulations Cleveland!,” he said.

They have not yet decided on which coaster will be named, however.

Edwards did not return multiple phone calls to his office and cell phone on Friday.

Stacy Frole, Cedar Fair spokeswoman, was in a meeting Friday afternoon and did not return messages.

They were busy on Twitter.

Edwards tweeted on Friday a picture of the park skyline.

“Welcome back to Ohio LeBron James! So which one will it be? Stayed tuned. Our 'decision' is coming soon.”

On Cedar Point's official tweeter feed executives posted on Friday.

“Welcome home, @KingJames! What happens next at Cedar Point? Stay tuned!”

Check out video on for what people are saying about LeBron James and his return to Cleveland.





HE throws balls.


and what do you do?


something involving not ball throwing


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Isn't there a new coaster slated for next year? Just use that one.

local man

Rename the Magnum to King James

William Jeffers...

Rename the corkskrew because it has "skrew" in it which is appropriate.


How about, "King Coaster"?


All the haters are hypocrites!


Maybe the Gemini so you can switch tracks


Wonder how long this Bryan Edwards will have a job if they actually have to rename a coaster because of his tweet.


Previous article stated that the CEO was in on it..

Fire them both!

Think it through.. Get beyond the hero worship and the fan loyalty aka jocksniffing.


Will they have to pay him royalties?


Name whichever one you plan on tearing down in the next four years after him, and let's see which one lasts longer....


OK, just so everyone can get reminded, save this statement to your hard drives: Lebron James will find a way to make Cav's fans and the city of Cleveland make them hate him again! I guarantee it!