EDITORIAL CARTOON: Biting the big bank back

Cartoon printed Oct. 20, 2010 For more opinions, yours and ours, see today's Register or click on the ePaper link above.
Don Lee
Oct 20, 2010


Cartoon printed Oct. 20, 2010

For more opinions, yours and ours, see today's Register or click on the ePaper link above.



Mr. Lee,

You have hit the epicenter of our country's economic problems squarely. The Big Banks now have control of almost, if not everything, that touches our lives. They, single-handedly, are responsible for starting and "capitalizing" on the home loan fiasco that blossomed into into 2.5 million (to date and rising) homes being foreclosed upon by which they also "capitalized" upon which in turn lead to additional economic down pressure on those who still own homes (lowered apprasial values). They then so graciously  offered a "trial period" of lower mortage payments to those about to lose their homes but then after an extended period of payments denied anyone who had taken advantage of that offering only to  keep all the payments (no principal) and will not divulge where the monies went to or for. Let's not forget that during this entire planned heist they also were given billions of dollars (while holding our entire economic system with a gun at it's head) as bailout funds and THEN won't either make loans or AGAIN divulge where and how those dollars went to/for/whom. In the mean time their bank stocks have risen dramiticlly as the various Wall Street/Banking Industry reforms were watered down by their cronnies/crooks in D.C.

Many of thes profits are not only lining the pockets of C.E.O.'S, et. al. but is being funneled back into our political "system" to further benefit themselves via more legalized law/rule/regulation reforms by sitting elected officials and candidates with who are "in the game".

This is not banking. This is nothing less than legalized criminal activity. It's known in many forms and names. One of them that comes to mind is extortion. With extortion comes the need for "hush money", "hit men", "paid informants", "graft", "character asassination" and various other types of imoral/illegal activities.

Soon, "extortion" with become a thing of the past and they WILL impliment "demands".

This entire sceanrio has been played and re-played countless times throughout human history. The question becomes, "Are we as one of the few nations (Greece being another) founded on democracy sit idly by and watch as these glorified theives steal and plunder our money, health and very lives or shall we respond with equal force through whatever means we have available?"

I have coined a phrase that may be useful to enlighten others who are being taken advantage of (and eventually it will be 97% of us) and it is "Economic Euthinasia".

Thank you for hearing me out and good job on attempting to bring out the insanity and greed of a few cancerous people in our nations bowels. 


If any of you readers care enough to investigate the lont-term history of Goldman-Sachs and some of our political leadership from W.W. 1 to W.W.2, then I emplore you to do so. Then you'll have the opportunity to understand the roots of the Evil we are facing. It's knowledge you may not want to know (both major poilitical parties were/are deeply envolved with some well-know figures who benefited  finacially from G.S.'s rise to power. Rember, "If you are not aware of the past...you are destined to re-live it". This time, however, it is YOUR and MY lives that are being toyed with for the economic gain of those few who have no empathy for anyone other than themselves.