Cedar Fair going strong

Amusement park leader is on track to pay $2.50 per unit to investors in 2013
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 27, 2013


Following another record-setting year, Cedar Fair is putting more cash into investors' pockets. On March 25, the amusement park company will pay a first-quarter cash distribution of 0.625 cents per limited partner unit, in line with the company's plan to pay $2.50 per unit in 2013.

The news comes on the heels of the company announcing its record-setting performance in 2012.

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Amazing how successful the company can be once Kinzel is out of the picture!


i have to agree 100%


Selling my stock on 3-26!


Do you know something. Please share.


What do you think of the stock now. Glad I didnt sell everything off.


@ lifetimeresident:

Glad you're happy.

As a man was heard to exclaim at the 50-story level of a fall from a 100-story building: So far so good.

Better div'd producers out there with less consumer discretionary risk.



@ LeLand
Thanks for taking the time to drive here and vote NO.


Remember in Ohio it rained every weekend in October and still a good year. Thats Kings Island and up North by the lake.