Cedar Fair profit up more than 5 percent

Officials with Cedar Fair announced record revenues for 2011 in a conference call with investors on Tuesday morning.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 21, 2012


Officials with Cedar Fair announced record revenues for 2011 in a conference call with investors on Tuesday morning.

Net Revenues reached $1.028 billion, up 5.2 percent from 2010.

Matt Ouimet, president and chief executive officer announced a $0.40 per share cash distribution will be paid out on March 15.

The announcement comes on the heels of news from Cedar Fair that the company had record attendance of 23.5 million guests in 2011, up 2.6 percent to 2010.

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better quit raising rates so much ..... or ..... they won't come! ...... give the hourly workers a bonus ..... that was taken away from them a few years ago. they deserve it!

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Leland Wykoff

Congratulations to the new management, and Team, at Cedar Fair.

Unitholders are proud of the progress already accomplished by new President, and CEO.  We look forward to more of Mr. Ouimet's team leadership.

Recent news concerning the professional, comprehensive, plan to reshape the Board of Directors by identifying specific needed skill sets and then recruiting Board Members to fill gaps represent a giant step in the right direction.

Redeployment of marketing talent and expenditures have resulted in much of the gains already recognized, and will substantially add to the coming seasons bottom line.  The dynamic new emotion--not promotion--campaign and orientation have fresh new ideas and leadership to propel Cedar Fair into a brighter future.

As staffing and management realignments move forward to achieve the Six Point Plan outlined in the FunForward Initative, Unitholders should be rewarded with new record pay-outs. 

Guests and employees will benefit from constructive changes and improvements.

In those achievements we can all celebrate "A Best Day of Year Experience" and be thankful for the strong foundation upon which Cedar Fair's future is to be built.








I'm glad we hung in there. 


Where are you at.  Did you ever think this stock would be approaching $29.00 again.  Way to go stock holders for voting down the sale to Appollo.

Leland Wykoff


Do not forget a dividend yeld of 5.7 Percent. 

Expect above $2.00  per Unit dividend this year. 

Glad we hung in and beat back the abusive Apollo "deal."


Did Smith6079 unload his stock like he stated? 


@ Leland

$1.60 this year, but $2.00 or more in 2013.  5.7%, I remember when a regular savings account paid 5 1/2%.  Those were the good ole days.



I dont think he owned direct just in funds.


Thank you, lifetimeresident, I seem to remember that he wasn't too shot in the butt with CP dealings at times during the summer. 

6079 Smith W

@ wetsu:

Woulda never bought this dog.

And if I did, I woulda unloaded it when they cut the div'd.

I already own it indirectly in several diversified mutual funds.

If ya want div'd paying stocks, there are much more quality blue chips out there for that purpose..

The price per share is only worth money if you're going to sell it.


A P/E of 172.51???? You gotta be @#$% kiddin' me!!!!



 If you guys wanna fall in love and marry a stock, that's entirely your business.


Put Zynga (ZNGA) on your watch list. If online gambling becomes a reality it could be a winner.






Cha Ching,  stock went from   +-  $11.00,   to close last night at $28.81.   The market likes Napoleon  Kinzel is gone.   This "DOG"  ran like a greyhound,  better than someone's suggestion...

6079 Smith W

@ Browndog271:

The market value ain't worth sh*t unless you unload it and pocket the money.

Also, racing greyhounds have very short careers.

The stock is back to where it was about 5 yrs. ago and is still below its market high from 2004.

Do you still own any dot.com stocks that you've been waiting to come back?

It must be love. LOL.



Smith,  Im laughing all the way to the bank,  THX for your concern

6079 Smith W

@ Browndog271:

Good for you.

Haven't been investing or trading stocks very long have ya?

 It's easy to make money in an up market. It's the downturns that separate the men from the boys.



Smith,  longer than you

6079 Smith W

@ Browndog271:

LOL. Whatever you say "Warren".

Got any other "hot" stock tips? :)


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Smith doesn't know squat!  I wouldn't trust him with his daughter's lunch money!