Electrical blaze at CP, 50 evacuated

The Sandusky Fire Department responded to Cedar Point just before 3 p.m. Wednesday to a transformer fire.
Melissa Topey
Nov 11, 2010


The Sandusky Fire Department responded to Cedar Point just before 3 p.m. Wednesday to a transformer fire. 

Smoke could be seen from the park's webcam at Top Thrill Dragster. Firefighters had to evacuate 50 people from nearby buildings. No major fire damage occurred, but there was smoke damage.


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How does first of duh month have a problem?    Granted CP does have their own fire dept, but what can they use?     Love the quote about crack babies FODM


What is going on at CP?  How many major fires did they have this year alone?  All I can say is if those wooden roller coasters catch on fire, it will not take long to bring them down and very little any fire department, even while surrounded by water, can do except water the down the embers.  Fires will happen no matter where you are at.  They are usually contained or extinguished before they get out of hand.  The local fire departments are great at trying to get to a fire call and stopping the damage.  In the old days, it was "save the steps and save the chimney" mentality.  There was little SFD could do to help the island fire because they could not get there fast enough.  Our local fire departments have become more professional and use their vehicles and equipment well past their life expectancy.  They take the utmost care of their equipment so it will always be ready for the next mission and cost taxpayers less.  They train hard and are worth every penny.  Waiting to jump on a fire call is the exact way I want things.  I would be even happier if they only ran EMS missions and no fire missions.  CP will probably begin fire prevention and fire safety inspection training during the off months.         

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