Ka ching: GOP convention could bring big bucks here

Cleveland gets inspected as possible site for presidential nominating convention
Melissa Topey
Jun 4, 2014



Cleveland appears to be the city to beat among those being visited by the site selection team for the Republication National Convention, according to media reports Tuesday.

If that city is selected by the Republican party for its political national convention in 2016, it will have some kind of an economic impact to the region, but how much is unknown.

“The economic impact on the entire region will be $200 million to $300 million. I don't have a way to break it down by city/region any further than that,” said Scott Peacock, spokesman for Positively Cleveland, the city's convention and visitors bureau. “I would expect Sandusky to pick up some visitations from either delegates or media.”

Delegates will probably be focused on the immediacy of the political action during the convention and remain in Cleveland during that time, said Joan Van Offeren, director of Lake Erie Shores and Island East.

The opportunity for Sandusky's windfall will come before or after the convention, she said.

“We need to make the delegates aware we are here,” she said. “Our opportunity is to extend their visit before or after.”

Cedar Point and the islands present the best opportunities for convention goers to spend a few days in the Sandusky region, either before or after the event, she said.

“I certainly believe people will want to experience our region,” Van Offeren said.

Our area is more than ready to host an influx of visitors, said John Moldovan, Erie County Economic development director.

That means ringing cash registers for area businesses.

“We have over 5,000 hotel rooms in the area, golf courses, the islands are unique,” Moldovan said. “We have Cedar Point, they are not going to see Cedar Point in Denver.”

Cedar Point works with tourism and convention centers to promote tourism throughout Ohio, including Positively Cleveland.

“But we have not spoken with them specifically on this,” said Bryan Edwards, spokesman for Cedar Point about the convention.

The amusement park operator would be able to handle any possible increase in attendance with its many restaurants and hotel rooms, including the 600 hotel rooms of the Breakers which will be completely renovated by the time of the convention, Edwards said.

“Even politicians like to ride coasters,” Edwards said. “We could have lots of fun with the convention.”



It will undoubtedly bring a lot of "hot air" to Cleveland, as well. As if we needed another manmade cause of global warming/climate change...

For our humor-challenged conservatives, that is what is known as a joke.

The Big Dog's back

Wellllllll, it's not to far from the truth.


And speaking of hot air.....take a look at the first two to comment. Never would have thought that.


I wouldn't come to Cleveland if I had a say in it. Any County that voted 99% for Bozo, you know it had to be rigged as usual !


It was funny to watch all those Cleveland liberals line up to woo the RNC. Nothing is more comical than watching Ed Fitzgerald and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, beg for a party they loath to come spend their money in Cleveland. LMAO!

The Big Dog's back

Ahhhhh, the Repubs want to come to Ohio to try and show they are human. Well, they may come to Ohio, but they ain't human.


Yea a dog may know !


Why would we spend money in that liberal dump? Hopefully it goes to a deserving city.


Ditto !


dog and coastie... where is the spaceship taking you tonite?

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The Hero Zone

They meet every four years to pick who will run for their party's candidate for President as well as renew and refresh their party platform. I wonder if asked how many candidates/incumbents can recite those tenants? Or is it a simply publicity stunt in which both parties participate?

I'll welcome them to Cleveland (and hopefully some spillover here) as it would be an economic boost and HOPEFULLY a chance for this party to actually spread a message which will resound with citizens of all makes and models. Unfortunately I have the feeling it will be just more chest-pounding and "Republicans rule, Democrats drool" grandstanding.

Le sigh.

I can only wonder if I truly want to affect "change" in things where do I get started? Which party (if any) should I work more closely with to stop some of the nonsense and get a solid message and two-way communication going? When I registered to vote a long while ago I registered Republican but over the last while I've been thinking of changing that. I don't donate to the party, I don't defend the party at all costs, and I disagree with several of their social stances.

Even if I believed the platform are the members held to it? If I believed in what the members were doing then is the platform wrong? Having come from a divorced household growing up I sure as heck now as an adult feel I am right back in the middle of such bickering, awkwardness, and confusion in regards to our politics. I'm so tired of it.

The Big Dog's back

"Economic boost"? Repubs are the cheapest people I know. I remember cheney stopping at a farmside market back in 2004 and gave the owner a 20 dollar bill for $35 worth of things and told him to keep the change. ROFLMAO!

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The Hero Zone

Hotel rooms, restaurant meals, tips, and other sundries bought by those who visit will amount to far greater than one anecdote. I would say the same thing if the DNC were to blow into town, too.


Actually Dems are the cheapest, Whatever they fill their carts with they expect SOMEONE ELSE to pay for it.