Berardi’s moves cart to Norwalk

“I decided to let that spot go. I was paying 12 months rent, and I could only operate there for six months. I have no problems with Perkins. I just couldn’t afford it”
Andy Ouriel
May 26, 2014


The familiar and savory smell of cheesesteaks, French fries and other grilled goods now wafts from a new spot.

In past years, Tom Sterling operated his bright red Berardi’s food cart in a parking lot near Pat Catan’s Craft Center on Milan Road and East Perkins Avenue.

But a disagreement involving Sterling, Perkins Township officials and area landowners forced him to relocate his food cart to Norwalk in 2014.

“The rent was just outrageous. It was more than my mortgage payment,” Sterling said. “I decided to let that spot go. I was paying 12 months rent, and I could only operate there for six months. I have no problems with Perkins. I just couldn’t afford it.”

Sterling said he’s saving almost $10,000 a year by moving the food cart to Norwalk. Sterling, however, wouldn’t reveal how much rent he paid in Perkins Township or pays in Norwalk.

Several people this month flooded Register email accounts seeking an update as to the whereabouts of Sterling’s food cart.

More than 6,000 people saw and 50-plus people commented on a recent Register Facebook post regarding Sterling’s popular food cart. Even Sterling chimed in, informing people where his cart is located.

“I love my customers, and I have amazing people from Sandusky still coming here,” Sterling said on a recent weekday afternoon. “We are definitely going to be back in Sandusky. Maybe not this year but maybe next year. I know people are bummed that we are not there.”

Sterling said his food cart would make appearances at popular festivals in Erie County this year, including Ohio Bike Week and Huron River Fest.

Want to go?
Berardi’s food cart, offering up cheesesteaks burgers, perch, French fries and more.
•WHERE: 204 Cleveland Road, Norwalk, across from Circle K.
•WHEN: Open 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Closed Sundays.
•CALL: 419-577-6400 for more information.



Good luck to you Tom. Haters in P. Town I bet. Hate under 50 something going fwd.


What a bunch of morons in Perkins to price this guy out. I'll gladly drive to Norwalk rather that stop at any of those other dumps on Perkins Ave like McDonalds.

Hollie Newton

My waistline will be happy they've moved. I did plan my visits to Pat Catan's during lunch hours. Goodbye philly cheese steaks - you will be missed! 


Well thays a shame .I loved their food


I love their food. The Philly cheese steak sandwich is the best five bucks you'll ever spend.

dorothy gale

Great cheesesteaks.


dog, coastie and dems/libs:

This is what happens when operating costs exceed revenues.... in this case it was rent.

It could also be true of taxes and licensing fees, or any other cost.

This is a perfect simple example which everyone can relate to.

dems/libs.. try to wrap your brain around this concept as if it were a cheesesteak and chew on it awhile.


dog, coastie, libs/dems

Econ chapter 2.

Mr. Sterling COULD have raised prices so that he could pay the rent and still make an acceptable profit based on sales staying the same. ( a 50% Price increase? ) But soon customers would balk at the higher price. This would likely lead to decreased sales and bad word of mouth publicity, which eventually would decrease sales to a point which won't pay the rent. .... He COULD keep raising prices to break even.......

(are you catching on yet?)

Now back to raising the minimum wage for foodstand workers to 15.00/hr... anyone?

There could not be a better example of Capitalism than this one, right in the middle of uaw 913 land where people just get raise after raise. "Guaranteed"

Seen it All

Are you sure it is EAST of Summit Motorsports Park? That would put it in Townsend Township. Is it on the corner of Old State Road and Cleveland Road (Rt 20)?

Jason Werling

A Sunday story misidentified where the Berardi’s food cart in Norwalk is located. The cart is located just west of Summit Motorsports Park.


downthemiddle is right. I hope those collecting the rent are happy with their greed...a lesser (more reasonable, particularly given the seasonality of the cart) amount in rent would have beat the heck out of the zero you're getting now, eh?


A lesson that was not learned from what happened in Port Clinton with the Jet Express parking lot. A darn easy lesson at that.

How many Perkins commissioners are/were on the shop committee of uaw 913 or the (Ford) one? Be honest