To Sandusky grocery with love

Kreimes gears up for busy season with TV giveaway
Melissa Topey
May 17, 2014


At Kreimes Cardinal Grocery, they’re going to turn it around next week.

The city grocer will celebrate its 39th year in business in July, but its “reverse customer appreciation week” is from May 19 through May 24.

Customers can drop off notes or just tell the owners and staff how much they enjoy the store and employees.

“We are a small family store. We are a quick in-and-out. We offer great customer service,” said co-owner and manager Chet “Butch” Sinwald. “We are one of the last family owned grocery stores”

 It was Sinwald’s father-in-law who 38 years ago bought the grocery store at 317 E. Washington St. from the A&P grocery chain. It has remained in the family ever since.

Staff are always helpful and can get items in if a customer needs something not in stock, Sinwald said.

The store has a custom butcher and sells the best meat in town, he said.

This will be the second “reverse customer appreciation” for the store. Customers showed their love for Kreimes six years ago with the first one.

“It was neat. We got a lot of good notes. People even dropped off cakes,” Sinwald said.

The store will show its love for its customers as well.

All next week many in-store specials will be posted, including Eckrich hot dogs for 89 cents, Routh Packing end sirloin roast for $1.39 a pound, Toft’s Dairy 2 percent milk for $2.99 and two half-gallons of gallon Toft’s Ice Cream for $7.

Kreimes will give away a 32-inch flat screen high definition television to someone who signs up for the drawing, which will be held on Memorial Day.

“We would like to hear from our customers,” Sinwald said.



Kreimes is great. Only place I will buy meat.

William Jeffers...

No doubt - this is a class operation with QUALITY MEAT!! not like that carbon-monoxide treated junk I wouldn't even feed my dog sold daily at your big box stores. YUK. Thank You Kreimes!!


Yeah, those Big Box stores glue their meat together to make it look like a more expensive cut.


I've never been here before. I'm going to make the trip over the bridge to check this place out! Thanks for the heads up!

GooseyGrandma's picture

I Love the Store! I have been shopping there for over 20 years! The store is well mainintained, always friendly and courteous. Sale Items are always in stock. Thank You Kreimes!


Here is lookinv at another 100 year plus in the dowtown area .
I love that store cause it gives me that small town country feel when I come in . And with the price of meat these dayz it is nice to know I can get. Pack of meat that will make enough for one person rather then the large packs you have to reduse and freeze and lose that fresh taste you have when you cirzt buy it anx take it home. I wish the family a safe a good year this summer. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK