Local Macy’s employees, store not affected

Employees at the Macy’s store in the Sandusky Mall won’t be affected by the retail giant’s announcement Wednesday that it’s laying off thousands of workers.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 10, 2014


In an effort to save $100 million a year, about 2,500 Macy’s employees — 1.4 percent of the company’s workforce — will be laid off and eligible for severance as a result of organizational changes, the company said.

The local Macy’s was spared. “It’s business as usual for us in Sandusky” said Andrea Schwartz, Macy’s spokeswoman.

The company is also closing five of its 845 stores and opening five others.

The stores that are closing:

• Mesa, Ariz. (98 employees)

• Overland Park, Kan. (88 employees)

• Florissant, Mo. (88 employees)

• Irondequoit, N.Y. (96 employees)

• Murray, Utah (42 employees)

As of Thursday afternoon, Macy’s stock was trading at $55.83, up 7.7 percent from the day prior.



Funny how Goldman Sachs upgraded Macy's to "Buy" from "Neutral" just today. Tells me that they want to get some major clients of theirs out before the bottom falls. These investment firms do this repetitively as they sell off a loser stock to you with their recommendations to buy- works to prop the stock price up just long enough for them to get out.


It's not funny it's normal.

The Answer Person

Why do we care about the number of employees in Utah, Arizona or New York? Why not report how many there are in Sandusky? Full time? Part time? As few as it appears when you shop there, I would guess not more than 12 in the whole store?