Heinz adding 20 workers in expansion

Ketchup producer H.J. Heinz Co. is adding 20 jobs at its Fremont location.
Melissa Topey
Dec 18, 2013


The turnaround comes on the announcement that the Ohio Tax Credit Authority approved a 65 percent, nine-year tax credit to the company on condition that Heinz creates 275 jobs worth $6.5 million in new yearly payroll.

About 250 jobs will be created at the company’s expansion project in the city of Massillon but around 20 jobs will be added in Fremont.

The news provided relief to Fremont officials, considering Heinz and its new owners Berkshire Hathaway and private equity firm 3G Capital announced in August it was cutting 600 jobs across the United States and Canada as it moved toward becoming a privately owned company.

At that time the fate of any job cuts at the Fremont plant was unknown.    

The Fremont plant employees about 425 people.

“They are investing a lot of dollars in Fremont,” said Michael Jay, director of economic development for Fremont.

That includes upgrades to the commercial vats used to cook the ketchup and upgrading the building, Jay said.

“We are optimistic of the future. Fortunately for us in Fremont we are doing really well” Jay said.

Heinz is looking to move forward from recent news of more closings, this time in South Carolina and Idaho, as it becomes more streamlined and competitive.

“Heinz is proud to be growing in Fremont, and grateful for the support and assistance that have been provided by the State of Ohio. Adding capacity will create 20 well-paying jobs and further enhance Heinz’s best-in-class efficiencies and brand leadership. Our investment in this project underscores Heinz’s commitment to growth, quality and innovation.

“We look forward to Heinz’s next chapter in Fremont and to continued collaboration with our partners in business, government and the community,” said Michael Mullen, company spokesman.

Most of the credit will go to the Massillon factory, which will become the Frozen Food Center of Excellence where Heinz plans to add 249 manufacturing jobs, Mullen said.

The nine-year tax credit is estimated to be worth about $865,000 total, but the actual value cold vary based on the number of jobs created and new payroll tax generated, said Stephanie Gostomski, spokeswoman for the Ohio Development Services Agency.



Yay! Stimulus is being rolled back, unemployment lowest in 5 years, Housing and auto sales on the rise, gas prices have fallen dramatically in last year. Let the good news continue! OK naysayers, have at it!

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And the usual flock of brain dead obamabots show up to dismiss the lies... shocker...

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What lies?


Crickets, crickets, crickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: "What lies?"

And The Messiah had WHAT to do with the current employment and economic situation?

Sadly even Barbara Walters threw in the towel (sniff, sniff):



Re: "Berkshire Hathaway and private equity firm 3G Capital announced in August it was cutting 600 jobs across the United States and Canada as it moved toward becoming a privately owned company."

Guess ya missed this part regarding what Warren Buffett and "evil" private equity were doin' huh?

269 new OH (tax credit funded) jobs traded for 600 lost internationally? Yep! Reads like an "Obama recovery" to me.


Re: "Stimulus is being rolled back, unemployment lowest in 5 years,"

So, guess we didn't and don't need that massive jobs program you and Pres. Obama have been yackin' about eh?

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Cheerleader. You really need to stop drinking from big dogs urinal.

So does the small bit of good news for 20 people translate into a national obama holiday coasterfan?


FYI: FINALLY two execs. get axed over the Obama☭are debacle.


If the whole mess were "operating with private sector velocity," whole baskets of heads woulda rolled months ago.

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Not so fast.

The week after black Friday the Daily Show ran a segment that showed how Wal-Marts website crashed, and people beating each other up at their stores. Instead of any head rolling the spokesperson simply said that they didn't anticipate that much traffic and were excited to have one of their best black Fridays ever.

No one got hurt got hurt because the website had a rough start, and the ACA will help millions of people, but when people get hurt our even killed because of consumerism there is no such anger.


Re: Walmart/Healthcare.gov

1. A straw man argument.

2. The difference between private money vs. public tax dollars.

3. Why would Healthcare.gov even make such an absurd comparison?

4. Walmart's was ONE day. And how long has Healthcare.gov been screwed up?


Re: "No one got hurt,"

Tell that to the millions that had their ins. cancelled. No anxiety?

No loss of treatment because the new exchange ins. doesn't include their current provider network?

Just wait until the employer mandate starts kickin' in - tens of millions more.


Re: "The Daily Show"

Really? The (bleeping) Comedy Channel?

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Relax Contango, it was meant to show that when something does't work in the private sector, some times no one gets fired. I understand it is comparing apples to oranges.

Funny thing is that those people with cancelled insurance, can go right back and get another insurance plan with more services. In the days before the ACA if that happened (which it happened every year as plans were changed) people could be left off insurance if they got a serious condition during the previous. They could just leave you cold, and that is not right! Health Care is not the place companies and organizations should be making money!


Re: "get another insurance plan with more services."

You've presented another case of "apples and oranges."

Want a lower premium? Then prepare for higher deductibles and a reduced provider network.

And you know that no one was fired over Walmart's problem how?


Re: Health Care is not the place companies and organizations should be making money!

Without profit, no co. can remain in business. Not-for-profit is merely a definition in the U.S. tax code, not a business model.

Only in a stagnate society can socialism work.

Why can't the same no profit argument be made for 'necessities' like, food, clothing, shelter, et al.?

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We will never agree on this. Health Care should be an exception to all norms when it comes to doing business. Sure doctors, nurses, and staff should make money but all hospitals should be not for profits.


Re: "not for profits."

Better check the often six figure salaries of the execs. of some of the largest NFPs.

Not-for-profits are also not-for-loss.

The Bizness

I have no problem with people in any position being government, NFP's, or private sector jobs being payed well if they deserved to be payed well.


Re: "if they deserved to be payed well."

HOW is that determined?


Spam filter is active so I can't give you a link.

Google: Top charity CEOs pay exceeds $1 million



Have you seen the latest lame *ss Healthcare.gov commercial, "Healthcare for the Holiday"?


They could DEFINITELY use some marketing help from Walmart.

Now if ONLY the bureaucrats can get the message right. lol


Hey Obama and Podesta!

This is what a cult looks like:


How is a hand on the chest pledging to Obama any different than swearing allegiance to Der Führer?