Ohio Honda plants break annual production records

Japanese car company Honda is now exporting more cars than it imports — and many of them are assembled at two Ohio plants.
Associated Press
Jan 31, 2014


The Columbus Dispatch reported the assembly plants in Marysville and East Liberty — both northwest of Columbus — also broke annual production records last year.

The automaker exported 108,705 vehicles in 2013 and imported 88,537.

Of the total exports, about two-thirds — 69,680 vehicles — were assembled in the Ohio plants. They went to 40 countries.

The Honda Accord is assembled at Marysville, and its top crossover, the CR-V, is assembled at East Liberty.

Honda has about 13,700 employees in Ohio. In addition to the assembly plants, it has an engine plant in Anna, a transmission plant in Russells Point and other offices.



Honda is the largest automotive employer in the state of Ohio. While other automotive manufacturers were getting government bailouts during the "Great Recession", Honda and some of it's ancillary suppliers in the area were actually expanding their facilities to increase production capabilities. They are the 10th largest employer in Central Ohio and do so without a bunch of hoopla and government support. Maybe the Big Three need to take some lessons.


If I recall Ford didn't get bailout money. Correct me if Im wrong


rbenn. You are right, Ford did not ask for nor take any gov't money.

The dems and their union buddies like to whine and bit_h about foreign auto manufacturers hurting the union cause. Truth be told the employees at many of these companies want nothing to do with the union and their benefits are comparative to what they are making at union shops.


Wow, you really don't get it, do you? The reason their wages are comparable to what union shops make is BECAUSE of what unions accomplished, on behalf of workers everywhere. You don't actually think that employers would provide a fair wage and safe working conditions without some extrinsic motivation, do you? Wages for all workers everywhere are higher because of unions.

I'm not saying unions are perfect. I'm just saying it's silly to believe that anything is 100% good or 100% bad. If you resort to stereotypes, and assume that all Dems feel the same way, you're both lazy and incorrect. I'm a Democrat, pro-union, but own a Toyota and a Chevy.

I have no problem with Chevy and Chrysler accepting gov't bailouts. Due to poor decisions made by their leadership, a million jobs by hourly workers were in jeopardy. The Bush/Obama bailout was exactly the right thing to do, and it's more than a bit disingenuous for conservatives to complain about high unemployment AND the bailout that saved a million jobs. This is all the more obvious when we consider that we continue to give go't subsides to billion dollar oil companies, and conservatives don't complain about that.


you forgot to mention unions getting a pass on obamacare, thats kind of a subsidy dont you think? Poor poor unions (sarcasm)


coasterfan says : "The Bush/Obama bailout was exactly the right thing to do, and it's more than a bit disingenuous for conservatives to complain about high unemployment AND the bailout that saved a million jobs."

I do not know where the liberals come up with the million jobs figure. Are you assuming that if GM & Chrysler would have went under then any person that would have purchased one of their autos will not buy an auto??

If they went under and a person would buy an auto there would still be a very good selection BMW, Honda, Toyota, and several others. Ergo if persons would start purchasing autos from the other companies do you think that they could increase their production with no additional help or might they be forced to increase purchases from their suppliers, causing both the suppliers and themselves to possibly add additional shifts causing them to hire additional help possibly even building new or increasing the size of the manufacturing plants????


There you go spoiling Coaster's fun with logic.

Then there's this coaster malarky:
"Wow, you really don't get it, do you? The reason their wages are comparable to what union shops make is BECAUSE of what unions accomplished,"

Um, no, coaster. Honda's people take home more because of the free market. Honda expects a lot from them and is willing to pay for it. A large portion of their annual income comes from productivity incentive pay - not part of their base hourly rate.

Darwin's choice


Dwight K.

Honda is far superior than Ford and Chevy

The Big Dog's back

Honda gets their bailout from Japan, the same place their profits go.


And spends their money here on wages and benefits.

GM & Chrysler gets their taxpayer funded bailout and sends the money to China where it goes to pay the Chinese people and does the U.S. gov't no good.


Burger boy cranial rectosis is strong with you, how about you go and ask all the businesses around the Honda plant how they like the money brought into the economy.


Honda gets no bailouts or subsidies from Japan for production here.

You hate anyone's success in business so much that you just can't accept it for what it is.

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Facts are a horrible thing to right wingnuts.

Darwin's choice



Don’t even bother, Dog will never get it. Only a left wing kook would think Honda is bad for America. At least they are not traders like GM, taking American taxpayer bailout money then outsource 2/3 of the jobs offshore. (After they promised not to do that; oopsie) Remember; don’t put my American flag on the back of your Mexican BUILT Caddy Escalade GMT

The Big Dog's back

I never said Honda was bad for America. I was just stating facts.
Facts to a right winger are like a cross to a vampire.


bigdog says : Honda gets their bailout from Japan, the same place their profits go.

Bigdog where will Chrysler's profits go now since their buy out by a European company ?????????
However they will most likely still be labeled as an American company because they are UAW. I think that UAW is the code word for American made.

The Big Dog's back

That doesn't change the facts.


I agree with many comments on here of both opinions!
Whats american made? Can"t really complain about a person owning a honda when just about everything in your house was made in china and most likely the clothes on your back and even the keyboard, cellphone, or ipad in your hand to comment on this article!
Is your american made car 100% american made? of course not either is a japanese car! made in ohio says it all for that answer.
I believe the reason toyota and honda are so successful is they use american workers with generations of blue collar manufacturing experience opposed to the big 3 who outsource american jobs to china, mexico, canada and brazil. many of these countries have child labor and less skilled workers than 100 yrs of american muscle.
Todays unions and the deals with companies and politics have changed significantly in the last 30 yrs.
MOney, greed, power etc, etc etc!


One more thing in about 10 yrs or so there will be a little china man saying your gonna here this sucking sound with all your jobs going to america!


Good post Snoozer. I think everyone is tired of everything MADE IN CHINA. Just a matter of time everyone realizes you cant beat American made products. Maybe even some of these internet trolls on here have a chance, unlikely but you never know!


I own 2 Honda's. Best vehicles I ever bought and made right here in East Liberty, Ohio.


Not only is Honda exporting cars, but their Ohio design center has developed new manufacturing equipment that has been exported to their plants in Japan.

The first year it was in operation, 10% of the V6 engine blocks cast at the Ana plant's foundry were sold to GM and ended up in Saturn Vues.