WBGU-TV to celebrate 50 years in 2014

The very first national programs WBGU-TV broadcast included Sesame Street (1969) and The Forsyte Saga (1970), a BBC production about a dysfunctional Victorian family — sound familiar?
Jan 27, 2014


WBGU-TV started with a dream — a dream to use television to its fullest potential. When its first broadcast signal flickered to life on Feb. 10, 1964, it was only on the air for a few hours a day, five days a week, and the signal only reached within 15 miles of the transmitter. The picture was in black and white, and the station was shut down over the summer.

The first locally produced programming included News Six (1972), and college courses in accounting and psychology that were recorded on the BGSU campus.

To celebrate 50 years, WBGU-TV has planned special events, re-broadcasts of programming, contests, specials and more.