Sandusky coach heading to Toledo

Anthony Stacey, Sandusky High School varsity boys basketball coach, announces departure for University of Toledo.
Alissa Widman Neese
Jun 17, 2014


Sandusky High School is searching for its seventh varsity boys basketball coach in four seasons.

Anthony Stacey, hired April 26 as the boys coach and a district administrator, announced Monday he has accepted a job as an assistant men's basketball coach for the University of Toledo.

"For him, it's a great opportunity, but for us, it's going back to the drawing board a little bit," district superintendent Eugene Sanders told the Register on Monday evening.

Stacey is the all-time scoring leader for Bowling Green State University's men's basketball team and also played professional basketball in Europe for more than 10 years.

In addition to his new coaching position with Sandusky High School, Stacey was set to serve as the family and community liaison for Sandusky Digital Academy, formerly known as Compass Academy.

The academy allows district students in grades 7-12 to receive a high school diploma through online schooling.

Stacey would have received $50,500 a year in the academy's new administrative role, in addition to a basketball stipend of about $6,000, said district athletic and activities director Shawn Coakley.

His position with the University of Toledo will land him more than $100,000 annually, according to a Monday news release from Sandusky Schools.

District officials plan to repost both of Stacey's vacant jobs and conduct separate interviews for both positions as soon as possible. 

They hope to hire a new coach in less than two weeks, and a new liaison for Sandusky Digital Academy by the start of the school year, according to the release.

"The summer is an important time for our athletic programs, as we are conditioning for the upcoming seasons, and the boys basketball program is among our highest priority," Coakley said.

Sandusky High School's varsity boys basketball coach position has been marred by inconsistency since the 2011-12 winter sports season.

Three of the school's coaches worked with the team for one season each, while two resigned before coaching a single game after arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Nonetheless, Sandusky Schools officials noted the upsides of Stacey's hire, despite his brief tenure.

The new position affirms the district selected a quality candidate, and will also nurture new opportunities, they said.

"(This) gives the Sandusky basketball program direct access to a Division I college coach and, in the end, this will be a benefit for our program and for our student-athletes," Sanders said. "The downside, however, is we must go out and search again."



Sandusky gets their first decent coach in a decade and he books it before coaching a game...

William Jeffers...

It's always hard to lose a coach, especially when he's undefeated!


Maybe he saw what he had to work with!

Whiskey in a Teacup

Whom ever replaces Stacey has a champion team on his hands. The boys getting ready to take over varsity have tremendous skill_


I actually thought last years coach was decent but I feel sorry for the kids.


Dustin Sharp was awesome!!! Anyone know why he left???


this is bull, im not a SHS person but this is so unprofessional, how does one even apply for a job when you just accepted 1, I don't care if it is a college job or not. If you new you were looking into the colleges then you shouldnt applied for SHS job and accepted it, Stacey your sad!


You should always be on the lookout for a better job. Most places do not see seniority as anything positive anymore. Considering this position is Kore than double what he was offered at she it is a no brained to take it. Sometimes that's the way the cards are dealt.


Sad to seem him go, he would have been a great fit! I agree though, this was unprofessional considering he just accepted this position! My question is, how did he get an administrator position as well as the coaching job?? Is he qualified to be an administrator? Is this was the new levy is paying for, extra admin positions? Come on scs!! Add more teachers and get those class sizes down!!

Whiskey in a Teacup

Top tier coaching positions are hard to come by at the college level_ he made a wise decision clearly... Not for lack of quality players or work ethic.
If he has the educational requirements to coach college ball_ there are educational requirements_ then he was qualified for the admin position locally.
The position was to oversee communications at what is currently Compass Academy, which aleady exists. This position is necessary and Mr Stacey would have done well with this school.
I agree, let's also work on getting class size reduced and more qualified teachers_ preferably that are familiar with intervention.






Dustin wasn't NAACP approved! It doesn't matter that he is a great person and a great mentor. What is important is that the coach is judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character!


Pisan, He had probably applied to both jobs and didn't hear from UT until later. You don't turn down one opprtunity waiting to hear from another. You just never know.


But you do have the intestinal fortitude to commit to the job you accepted first!


If you are making $50k per year & turn down a job to make $100k per year you are a complete idiot. Obviously he isn't & some of you hypocritical schmucks are. The End.


Say what you want and trash someone for doing better for themselves! I would hae done the exact same thing! Anthony IS A GREAT COACH AND PERSON! Now this could open the door for COLE PROPHET, who just happened to graduate from Wayne State and would be n AWESOME asset to the boys basketball program. And before you trash on him, yes he is the brother to one of the coach's who resigned for driving under the influence, but COLE HAS HIS STUFF TOGETHER! So Sandusky High School, get a hold of him IF YOU ARE SINCERELY looking for a GOOD, UPSTANDING COACH!!


If you made it to a Sandusky basketball game last year you know that Sandusky has great potential with the basketball program. If those young boys can keep their noses clean, they'll have a team to reckon with. This is a GREAT opportunity for the right person! This team was raw last year and those boys have game. Can't wait to see what they bring in 2015-16! With the right mentor...WOW!

Whiskey in a Teacup

My opinion exactly manowar_ the 2015-16 and 16-17 players will dominate in their prospective sports. A lot of these players are the seed of the late 80's players _ when Sandusky was something to b reckoned with. A nice fresh appeal to the community to reunite with tradition and pride _and what better way to band a community together than supporting local schools in music, sports, etc

indolent indiff...

Who in their right mind would want to stay in Sandusky? Especially with a Toledo offer.


So tired of the obsession with high school sports and their coaches followed by the subsequent head-scratching and hand-wringing about academic flat-lining and decline. When newspapers, community members, parents, and students consider academics to be breaking news rather than which high school sports, we'll make real progress on education.


Oh, get off your high horse. High school sports are a pivotal part of life for a lot of people. There are tons of things that can be taught in sports that cannot be taught in a classroom.


Guess you have been UndertheBridge, if you followed sports at all you would have noticed a great many of those kids are scholar athletes!

It might be that schools with well-run athletic programs benefit from superior leadership that also fosters better academic results. Or, put differently, schools that tend to be successful in one venue are often successful in others. Much more research is certainly needed on the topic, but theorize that sports can in fact reinforce the missions of schools in ways that potentially help, not harm, academic achievement.


They certainly benefit, but is this really worthy of BREAKING NEWS?

Whiskey in a Teacup

Agreed _ ( I'm going down for this ) I would like to see high school sports positions come from outside the city


Chirp... Let's just say there are MORE things taught in athletics than academics now. Sad!


Team work is the big one that comes to mind. Everywhere you work anymore wants that on a resume.Can't teach that to well in the classroom


I beg to differ. I never played a day in my life for any sport (except the mandatory PE classes) and I have a great team that I am a part. Ehove can do this fairly well in the classroom with no sports to speak of.

Yes, sports do help with team work for some (not always though).


Bingo. HS sports have gone overboard and aren't sustainable.


double post


There are a lot of EHOVE students that participate in their home school athletic programs


Look to hire anyone within the Norwalk or Perkins program. Obviously, both programs have been dominant and have had a good system from Junior High to Varsity. 

I would try to lure one of the assistants from those programs.

streakfan 10

There are a lot of these comments that should not be made. For one thing even the Norwalk coach said these young men will a team to watch. I can also tell you a large percentage of these young men are on the Honer roll. So please if you can not say something positive about the kids keep your comments to yourself. Now as for the coach who in there right mind would turn down a chance to double your pay let alone go to a division one colledge.

streakfan 10

Just for the record Mr Sharp did a good job with the kids. He really cared about them and wanted them to suceed. Did I agree with him on everything he did (no) but in most part yes. Now as far as a replacement who knows what will happen.I will say I think Demar Moore would be good for them as from what I here all the kids respond very well to him. Yes I know about past issues, but we only hear what the paper wants you to hear and guess what mr. Stacey picked him as his assistant coach. So what does that say for him.