Victim details attack

"He made me watch him the whole time," alleged victim recounts during third day of Jury trial
Courtney Astolfi
Jun 20, 2014

Brian Jury's alleged rape and kidnapping victim took the witness stand Thursday, telling jurors of the horrors she experienced Nov. 1 at his Strecker Road property.

Jury, 39, allegedly held the woman at gunpoint last fall and raped her repeatedly inside a camper. She later escaped, still naked, bound and gagged, and an armed Jury was arrested a few hours later, police said.

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On Thursday, the third day of Jury's trial, the woman he allegedly victimized testified about her recollections of Nov. 1 and how she came to meet Jury more than one year prior.

The woman met Jury through a friend during the summer of 2012, and soon exchanged either texts or phone calls with him regarding some rental properties, according to her testimony.

But the woman told jurors she knew Jury by a different name during that period—she knew him only as Greg, the woman said.

Jury showed her a property in Lorain soon after, but the woman chose not to move in. The pair communicated intermittently in the following months and she again spoke to him about a home in late October 2013, the woman said.

On Nov. 1, the woman had plans to meet with Jury to view another property. As she was walking to meet him at a store in Lorain, Jury instead passed her in his vehicle and offered to give her a ride, the woman said.

It was then Jury allegedly drove past the store, past the rental property and continued on to Erie County.

"I tried to get out the door but I couldn't get out," the woman told jurors Thursday. "He had a gun and he told me not to move."

They soon arrived at Jury's camper on Strecker Road.

"He was telling me not to try anything or else he'd shoot me," the woman said.

Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter then asked the alleged victim to detail the events as they unfolded.

In a subdued, tearful tone, the woman described the alleged rape. Jury raped her five times, the woman said, and, holding her at knife and gun point, she was forced to stare at him throughout.

"He made me watch him the whole time," she said.

After, Jury left the property. The woman recalled waiting to see if he'd return, then making a crucial decision about 15 minutes later.

"It's either me getting out of here or else I'm dead," she said.

The woman moved a suitcase aside with her head and pushed her way through the camper door.

After a passing driver and off-duty deputy came to the woman's aid, she was treated at a hospital.

The zip ties Jury allegedly used to bind the woman's wrist had injured her right hand so severely, she still has no feeling in it at all, the woman said.

Once Baxter concluded his line of questioning, Jury's attorney, Jack Bradley, had the opportunity to cross-examine her.

Bradley asked the woman about drug use, prompting her to tell the jury about using heroin the day before Jury allegedly kidnapped her.

Bradley also grilled the woman on her communications with Jury between the summer of 2012 and October 2013.

He produced phone records that seemingly showed multiple communications between her and Jury during that period. However, the woman said she often allowed the friend who introduced her to Jury to use her phone and attributed those calls to the friend.

Bradley went on to ask why Jury had the alleged victim listed by a different name in his phone—a question to which the woman did not know the answer.

Baxter later objected to a question about the woman's criminal past, prompting Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Roger Binette to end proceedings for the day due to time constraints.

The trial will resume again today at 8:30 a.m.  with Bradley's cross-examination. 


Julie R.

Why is Binette the only one that seems to be handling cases in Erie County? Where's Tygh Tone and Beverly McGookey? McGookey doesn't even do anything in the probate court.


Julie, how can you read a story like this and think it is still all about you? You should be ashamed of yourself for turning this into another chance for you bash the Erie County court system.

This story has been posted for over five hours with zero comments, due to the sensitive content. We all read this and out of respect for the victim, kept silent. But not you, you come on here again and rip apart the court and judges.

All of DickTracey's cynical, sarcastic and black humor aside. I am speaking honestly for the majority of us here, "We are sick to death of your negative commenting on the courts under every story! This has gone on long enough, get over it!"

I personally wish the judge would slap a restraining order on you to shut you up! You have been stalking them on these blogs for years.

INSANITY: Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

They should track your IP address and put a stop to you before you go postal on the courthouse!

Julie R.

What makes you think I think it's about me? I've asked that question many times now. It seems like every time there's a case in Erie County, it's Binette that's handling it. So where's Tone & McGookey? Why aren't they handling any of these cases?

Julie R.

I'm afraid I had to laugh over tracking my IP address. I mean, come on already. Do you honestly think they don't know who I am?


I think EVERYONE knows who you are and no one really cares about your opinion anymore. So save yourself the embarrassment and stop!

Julie R.

Don't you really mean stop embarrassing our courts?


are you really that ignorant?


Julie shut up it's the same thing every time blah blah blah no one cares! No one!


Yes, this is an extremely sensitive case about the sexual exploitation of a woman who was bound, gagged and debased in everyway imaginable. But as your comments indicate this case is the inevitable result of a local culture that deems it acceptable to treat women and children as subhuman.

IMO, you have committed the verbal equivalent of Jury's alleged crimes on Julie R, a woman who has every right to complain about inefficiency and alleged corruption in the very system that is supposed to uphold the rights for all of us.

You want Julie R "gagged" not by a piece of clothing but by a piece of paper "slapped" on her to "shut her up" because you feel she has "stalked" powerful men on line and needs to be taught a lesson about her position and place.

Why and how has she "stalked" them on line: By exercising her right to complain that powerful men took what they wanted from her compromised mother (a woman) and her by breaking society's rules. You then (acting as a comic book character) equate her right to complain to mental illness and infer that she is dangerous and might go "postal"

Women should just shut up about personal injuries to their person, their mind or their property and take it from men who need to abuse others to feel superior right?

You strike me as man that at your core isn't very different from Brian Jury. You just manifest your misogyny and objectification of women in different ways.

Julie R.

@DickTracey: What exactly is a restraining order? Is that similar to filing complaints against attorneys & financial institutions in the probate court and 3 days later a judge in the common pleas threatens to throw you in jail for requesting records?


Having said that.

To the victim, I am very sorry for what has happened to you.

To Kevin Baxter, good luck and please get this woman some swift justice, so that she can begin her healing.


Well said...


Julie R somehow manages to make just about everything all about HER. That's usually just laughable, but when her only response to a story detailing horrific abuses is to criticize which judge is hearing the case, it's not so funny any more. It's obvious she's obsessed, but her obsession is now excluding not just common sense but common decency!

Babo, Dick Tracey simply told it like it is, at least from his perspective. To pretend that criticism, however harsh, is REMOTELY comparable to what the victim in this case endured makes you a hell of a lot more misogynistic than Dick ever DREAMED of being!

This case isn't about whether or not the victim made any mistakes of her own (accusations of drug use, prior contact with the perpetrator, etc.). It isn't about Kevin Baxter or Judge Binette. It's about a man accused of causing a woman grievous damages, both physical and psychological. Shame on ALL of you who are so self-involved, self-pitying, or self-righteous that your focus is elsewhere

Dick, as a woman, I stand with you on both of your comments, but most especially your second: May justice be swift so the REAL victim here can start to heal.

Julie R.

I stand by my original comment.

Why does it seem like Binette is the only one that ever handles cases in Erie County? Where's Tone and Beverly McGookey? Why also is Erie County still using retired rent-a-judges in the probate court?