Jury rejects plea deal

“I asked him if he wanted an offer and he said no,” Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter told Judge Roger Binette during the hearing.
Courtney Astolfi
Apr 22, 2014


A trial for a man accused of brutally raping a woman in November likely will begin next week after the suspect during a court hearing Monday declined any possible plea deal.

“I asked him if he wanted an offer and he said no,” Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter told Judge Roger Binette during the hearing.

The victim escaped from a camper where Brian Jury left her, still unclothed, bound and gagged after he allegedly repeatedly raped her.

She crawled to a nearby road where she was rescued by passersby, who contacted police. Jury, 38, of the 10700 block of Strecker Road, is slated to go to trial April 29 on attempted murder, rape, kidnapping and assault charges.

He allegedly abducted the woman from the Lorain area at gunpoint before hauling her back to his Strecker Road camper in Groton Township.

Jury was carrying two loaded handguns when Lorain police stopped him a few hours after the woman broke free and contacted authorities. He was on his motorcycle headed west toward Erie County when he was arrested, police said.

Jury has been held at the Erie County jail since his arrest, with bond set at $350,000.

His attorney, Jack Bradley, accompanied him to Monday’s hearing.

Bradley and Baxter have until Friday afternoon to hash out a possible plea deal. After that point the jury selection process begins and they will be locked into the jury-trial option.

In apparent anticipation of next week’s trial, Bradley on Monday also followed up on pending evidence in the case. He requested the state provide a sample from the sexual assault exam Jury’s alleged victim underwent following the Nov. 1 incident.

Baxter made no objections.

Fulfillment of that request should not delay the trial any further.



Bradley and Baxter both need a deal in this case as neither wants the evidence to come out. Jury may know a lot about some area powerful men's addictions.


Knowing and proving...big difference.

Julie R.

Geez, you mean Baxter & the courts are actually going to have do their jobs for once? They're actually going to have a trial instead of a plea deal? That sure is a switch. Usually, most of their time is spent behind secret closed-door meetings w/attorneys planning out idiot scams!


Plea deals save countless taxpayer dollars and can and do lead to harsh sentences. Perhaps the alleged victims' feelings are also taken into consideration. I doubt this woman would look forward to re-living this in front of roomful of strangers.

Julie R.

So why did they need 2 judges & 3 magistrates to take over for the former judge Anne Maschari if every crime should be a plea deal?

Julie R.

I think I said this before but allow me to say it again .....

Why does it seem like every case in Erie County is being handled by Roger Binette here lately? There's hardly anything in the paper about cases in the court of Tygh Tone and never any in the court of Beverly K. McGookey, yet isn't McGookey a common pleas court judge in addition to being a probate court judge?


Judge Tone is handling a manslaughter case at the present time.