Trial slated for alleged rapist

“Quite frankly, I don’t appreciate the grandstanding on this thing”
Shawn Foucher
Feb 4, 2014


Erie County’s prosecutor traded barbs with an accused rapist’s defense attorney Monday during a case hearing.

Jack Bradley, defense attorney for Brian Jury, 38, of the 10700 block of Strecker Road, accused county prosecutor Kevin Baxter of failing to promptly provide him access to evidence as the trial date approaches.

On Nov. 1, Jury allegedly abducted a woman at gunpoint in the Lorain area and took her back to his camper on Strecker Road in Groton Township. Once there, he gagged her, bound her hands and feet and repeatedly raped her, investigators have said.

After he left, the woman broke free and made her way to a nearby road, naked and bound, where passersby came to her aid and called police.

When Lorain police stopped Jury a few hours later on his motorcycle, he had two loaded handguns on him. He was hit with weapons charges in Lorain County, and in Erie County he faces trial for rape, kidnapping and felonious assault. He remains in the Erie County jail on $350,000 bond.

In Monday’s hearing in Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Roger Binette’s courtroom, Bradley asked the judge to consider lowering Jury’s bond. The hearing had been scheduled for earlier this month but was delayed because of bad weather.

Bradley said any delays were not his fault, nor Jury’s.

“I don’t think we’re in this position because of anything either myself or Mr. Jury have done,” Bradley said.

Said Baxter: “You’re in this position because he was indicted. That’s why he’s sitting here.”

Bradley said he has asked Baxter to provide him more evidence, including the alleged victim’s text messages, cell phone records and any recorded statements, as well as a list of possible trial witnesses and the results from crime lab tests conducted on evidence seized from the camper.

“There’s quite a bit of material I have not received,” Bradley said. “I do need a lot more discovery on this case.”

Said Binette: “I’ve not found the (prosecutor) to be withholding evidence. We want to make sure you get all the documents you’re entitled to.”

Baxter seemed nonplussed.

“Quite frankly, I don’t appreciate the grandstanding on this thing,” he said.

Binette and Baxter said Bradley would receive all the material by Monday or today.

Binette, a stickler for adhering to scheduled dates, has slated the next hearing for Feb. 24, and the start of the trial for March 4.

“I have to be concerned about speedy trial rights,” Binette said. “I’m not going to let the calendar run out.”

Erie County detectives said forensic tests on items found in Jury’s camper show no evidence that other possible victims were ever in the camper.



How do defense lawyers sleep at night?


on a big pile of cash..


just lock him up and throw away the key.


I think this guy would have turned out a lot better, if his dad had only shown him porn and taught him how to masturbate when he was about 12 years old.


I believe that is the job of some policemen. Ricky Vitte.


why would Baxter say he "doesnt enjoy the grandstanding" and then admit he hasn't given the defense all the evidence he has? That seems to be a contradiction doesn't it?

I think this guy should go away forever, but Baxter doesn't get to manipulate the system either. Fair is fair. At least pretend you are being fair...give the guy the info before he asks for it like you are supposed to.


Good point, and is anyone else bothered that a prosecutor alleged to abuse illegal drugs and have abused his office to obtain sex by threats is representing the people of Ohio in this matter?

Interesting to see if Attorney Jack Bradley of Lorain county raises some issues concerning the prosecutor which might require his disqualification contained in Baxter's sealed Lorain County Divorce file. Hey how did Baxter get his divorce case heard in Lorain county when he is required to reside in Erie County?

Jury might be scum but he deserves a fair trial so we don't get yet another reversal from J Binette as seen in the Ricks case.

Julie R.

"Hey how did Baxter get his divorce case heard in Lorain County when he is required to reside in Erie County?"

Good question, but don't expect an answer. I sure never got one when I asked the jokes how a former Erie County auditor ever authorized that fraudulent transfer of my elderly mother's property (situated in Huron, Ohio) seven months before her death on a forged POA I found concealed in the LORAIN COUNTY Recorder that was falsely stated to be on file in the Erie County Recorder.

Julie R.

Why was Baxter's divorce case handled in Lorain County? I heard his child custody case ~ that he won ~ was also handled in Lorain County. Lorain County, sort of like corrupt Cuyahoga County, sure must owe a lot of favors to Erie County and vice-versa. They certainly do use the wrong jurisdiction of each other's county enough. Erie County's favorite old rent-a-judges are mostly from Lorain & Cuyahoga County, too.