VIDEO: The arrest of Brian M. Jury

Law enforcement from Lorain County apprehended the suspect on Friday, November 1.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 18, 2013


Lorain police arrested Brian Jury, 38. after deputies said Jury's pickup was located at a Lorain home, and Jury took off on a motorcycle.

He was arrested shortly after his pickup was found.

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Watch the arrest in the player below


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Over two dozens law enforcement agents for one guy??? Police brutality needed for a complying suspect???


He tied up a girl, raped her, and left her for dead. She had to roll naked to the street to get help. They didn't use NEARLY enough brutality. They had guns, tazers, and police dogs. They should have used all three!

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so you know this from factual evidence or articles from the S.R.???


I heard it from yo mamma

called out

You are an idiot.. this guy did all this to this lady and you think they are only going to send one or two guys out to look for him??? He had weapons on him so thank god all those officers were there. Haters gonna hate

Kobayashi Maru

As Wolford drove away his car was making a beeping noise. That's the noise a car makes when someone drives without wearing a seatbelt. I believe his super needs to check that and, if he was found to not be wearing a seatbelt, he needs to be reprimanded and ticketed. Click it or ticket means everyone.

Kobayashi Maru

Glad they got their suspect!

Clark W. Griswald

That dog wanted to get some!


yea and the officer should have let the dog have some , or maybe the cop was afraid the dog would get sick by this piece of crap