Expanding higher education

BGSU Firelands got the green light for a $16 million construction plan Friday, an expansion and renovation project aiming to accommodate its high-demand health programs.
Alissa Widman Neese
Dec 10, 2013


On Friday, all 11 trustees at Bowling Green State University’s main campus approved the plans, called the “Allied Health & Science Project” according to a news release.

The project calls for a nearly 17,000-square foot addition to the college’s North Building and significant renovations to its North and West buildings, which were built in the late 1960s.

The North Building’s two-story expansion will include state-of-the-art laboratories to support science courses, as well as business, technology and public service programs. It will be constructed on the building’s north side, according to project floor plans.

The project is scheduled for tentative completion in 2016.

“The renovations and expansion will fulfill campus and student needs now and in the immediate future” BGSU Firelands dean Bill Balzer said in the news release.    BGSU Firelands pursued the project because of massive growth in its healthrelated programs in the past decade — a 257 percent increase in student enrollment, according to the release.

Nationally and locally, health care is one of the fastest-growing career fields.

The college’s current building capacities can’t handle the increased demand, and many of its existing laboratories are outdated, officials said.

About 43 percent of the building project will be funded by BGSU Firelands cash reserves, with 32 percent coming from private fundraising and the remaining 25 percent from state funding, according to the resolution trustees approved.

“This capital investment underscores the college’s commitment to meeting the educational objectives of our students and the need of employers in our region, particularly in the healthrelated professions,” Balzer said in the release.

The Allied Health & Science Project will primarily impact the nursing and allied health science programs, which include radiologic technology, respiratory care technology, diagnostic medical sonography and health information management technology.

Of the 2,500 students attending BGSU Firelands, 591 are majoring in health-related fields, according to Balzer.

Project floor plans were included in the resolution trustees approved Friday and a downloadable file is available below.


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