Police zap hospital patient with Taser

Police used a Taser to zap a combative hospital patient Sunday, who refused to leave for a commitment at a mental health center in Toledo, according to a police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 20, 2013


The 18-year-old man was being treated in The Bellevue Hospital emergency room and was to be transferred to Rescue Crisis Mental Health Services in Toledo.

He told officers they would have to use a Taser on him before he went anywhere.

When police tried to move him out of the room by restraining him, they were only able to cuff one wrist, even as hospital staff were holding his legs so he wouldn’t kick while trying to gain control of his other arm.

Police told him to stop resisting or he would be zapped with a Taser, but he pulled away.

An officer dry-stunned him in the back, and they were able to handcuff him to be taken to Toledo.