Two force way into man’s home

Bellevue police seek suspects in Thursday robbery.
Jessica Cuffman
Dec 14, 2013


Two masked men forced their way into a Bellevue home and robbed a resident at gunpoint Thursday night, police said.

The victim called 911 just after 8 p.m. to tell police he’d been robbed in his home in the 100 block of Attwood Terrace, according to a police report.

The two suspects knocked on the man’s door, and when he answered, they forced their way in, Detective Marc Linder said.

The man was home by himself and was not injured.

As no arrests had been made as of Friday afternoon, Linder declined to release pertinent details about the case, including what the two men took before fleeing the home.

Linder did say detectives recovered some property, but he declined to say what exactly.

He also declined to say whether both men were armed.

“I can’t go into detail,” he said.

The victim was unable to identify the two men, as they were wearing clothing and masks that concealed their identities.

But Linder is confident he knows who the two suspects are, and was working Friday to wrap up the case.

“Any information the public can give would be appreciated” he said.

To share tips about Thursday’s robbery, call the Bellevue Police Department at 419-483-4444.



How scary!


How could he be confident that he knows who the thugs were? Is there a warrant out for them now? Is the case solved or should the residents of Bellevue and surrounding areas make sure they are armed and ready for just such an instance? All this constant surveillance of US citizens to stop terrorists and these are the real terrorists. How about we spend the billions of dollars on keeping thugs like this locked up? Absolutely no confidence in our police depts. to protect and serve. They just take reports and botch investigations so that thieves are rarely ever caught. Just don't go 6 miles an hour over the speed limit though because you will get convicted for that every time.


That's a lot of doom and gloom


You should be armed and ready to protect yourself no matter when they catch these guys. Do you think they are they only criminals out there. Good grief.


It's all about drugs. If a homeowner had a gun and used it, maybe some of this would stop, but I doubt it. When you start using drugs, your future is pretty well planned out. You are and will always be a loser.


I know many who where drug addicts and have kicked the habit. So for you to make that assumption is truly wrong. I talked to a twenty year old from tiffin who was a addict and got help on his own and now works with different AA groups to help others.


Easy searcher. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a 40cal. Glock in the face of trash.


People are just ignorant for thinking that if you are an addict, your life is over. That is what society and simple minded people would want you to believe. Thousands of people turn their lives around every year. It takes hard work and determination. If you are an addict their are a few places that actually do care, and though not many, their are places to get help.. it is all about change. Change your friends, change your routine, change your habbits and change your life.


Problem is getting the addicts to want treatment!


Some of them do want treatment, they just don't want to go through withdrawal so as soon as they start getting sick they go get more drugs. I work at the jail and watch people detox (usually from heroin) pretty regularly. It's not pretty, but jail is a good place for them to do it. Sandusky county does AOD treatment in jail, so that's even better.


While we are waiting for them to turn their lives around[ and I hope they do]we can't let them do this to anyone else, catch them and lock them up. This action does not get sympathy from me. Drugs are a choice and probably why they did this.


they shouldve been shot


These scumbags are all the same familiar wannabe thugs that BPD have been busting for months . These losers are all a bunch of junkies who cannot take on strong victims , so they prey on the elderly for their fix .. Soon they will force their way into the wrong house and become a wooden cross on a lawn somewhere . The town is nothing more than thieves and informants , stealing from one and rolling on the other ... Plea bargains and thrown right back into the streets .. But now the names of these thieves and scumbags are hitting the streets and the public is getting wiser ! The people of the town no longer care if this person has a " sickness" or is someone's child , the law don't straighten them out cause they know how to fault the system ... But they keep kickin in doors and victimizing honest hard working people there is one thing that will set them all straight .... It's called " triple tap" 2 to the chest one to the head ! Hope your pills , and big screen tvs are worth the pain you leave your kids and families in when your gone .. Happy holidays !