LIVE VIDEO: Watch the Cleveland Police Press Conference at 9 a.m.

Live feed provided by WKYC Cleveland (May not be compatible with some mobile devices)
Sandusky Register Staff
May 7, 2013


News Channel 5 in Cleveland also has a live feed HERE

Or you can watch the news conference in the player below when it begins



Truth or Dare

Anyone from the SR make a trip to Cleveland today, for the welcoming home of Amanda and Gina? Just watched the live video as well, Ms. Ruiz spoke on behalf of the family. There are 70 children, that's CHILDREN from the Cleveland area missing! Human/Sex trafficking was mentioned by Channel 5 and how there has been no SPOTLIGHT on this topic in Ohio. I find that difficult to accept, since Toledo, Ohio is a known hub for Human/Sex Trafficking! Time for the light to shine throughout Ohio!

There has been a fund set up for these 3 women and Amanda's daughter at Key Bank; The Cleveland Courage Fund - 1422 Euclid Ave. Ste.1300 - Cleveland, Ohio 44115. 100% of monies goes to the gals!

God Bless these woman w/the strength to heal and may they be a message of hope for all missing/exploited children everywhere!