VIDEO: Hero talks about rescue

Makes strange comments
May 7, 2013


Click here to view the video posted at NewsNet 5, the ABC broadcast channel in Cleveland. 

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Thats awesome!


Have to love this guy's rawness. Also, great job reporting on this story by the ENTIRE NATION, EXCEPT SinDUDski's own "local" WLEC Radio, who, this morning, ran more "important" stories, such as Cedar Point opening, a bar fight in Margaretta, and MOST auction of things from a school in Bellevue. Congrats to WLEC (We Love Everything Canned).


Where do you see these?? I must be blind... Cedar Point opening, a bar fight in Margaretta, and MOST auction of things from a school in Bellevue

Truth or Dare

Strange comments? What's w/that suggestion as this man is being heralded as a HERO!

News conference at 9, live on Fox 8, w/Cleveland's C.O.P., the Hospital and the FBI! Don't be afraid to give credit where credit is due, and it wasn't within LE this time, was it?! It was Amanda taking advantage of the opportunity and taking a risk to escape, and a citizen on the street not afraid to respond to those screams for help! Brave young woman, and a brave man for not being afraid to step up and help!!!!!!!!!

Erie Countian

Cooncat, I'm sure the story was reported on the NBC Newsradio feed that comes on WLEC at the top of every hour right before the local news and also on the Ohio News Network news that is on after the local news is read. Cut WLEC some slack. It's just a small station in a small town. They do a good job covering our local news and sporting events.


Step aside Sweet Brown. Time for a new Re-mix! This guy's "enthusiasm" is priceless.


Haha, sweet brown, Antoine Dodson, and this guy are the best interviews ever!


I like that quy. He's for real.


Amen. Mr Ramsey is a true hero. Proof that there are still good people in this world. He makes me proud to be an American and Ohioan.


Anybody see the early channel 19 interview where he said 911 dispatch did not believe him?


The dispatcher was rude to Amanda. The poor girl was frantic and the dispatcher kept trying to get off the phone. The end of the call was the dispatcher saying, "I told you police were on the way" before hanging up. The dispatcher should have stayed on the phone with her until police arrived. What would have happened if Castro had gotten back before police got there?


I agree - I wanted to scream at the guy "Don't hang up on her!!"


I know. I was thinking, is this guy serious? She just told you she was held captive for 10 years and you're going to hang up on her?


What a wonderful ending to a tragic story! My heart breaks for these girls and everything they must have gone through. I pray that they will recover and will be able to enjoy life now and put this behind them, however, I am afraid it will be a long time before this ordeal is "over" for them. I thank God for that man coming to her rescue instead of just ignoring her and thinking to himself that it is probably a domestic situation and not wanting to get in the middle of it like so many people would today. He is a true hero! And Amanda for having the courage and guts to scream for help and finally someone hears her and is willing to help. May God bless all these individuals and their families.


Based on his teeth and haircut he reminds you of someone that hasn't done alot of things right in life to have the basic needs but he reminds us to never judge people. Proud of him!

Truth or Dare

Hoping the Duggard woman will be asked to meet with them. She can help provide the support, knowing from personal experience the psychological toll someone would experience!


Kudos to him, and well wishes to the girls indeed. On a happier note, in the video he says - we bbq'd together, ate ribs together, and listened to salsa that is CLASSIC !! God bless the USA !


W.Street coonkat wholeheartedly agree. Really wish you would give advice to those with relationship issues too. Feel you'd be real compared to Eda H.


Had to laugh at the comment of him saying when you see a skinny white girl running up on a black man ,you know something's up! LMAO!


Want to say thanks to Mr Ramsey?
A rally was put together to raise money to buy him a little token of appreciation. Please donate if you have the means. The fundraising will buy a high end barbecue set up and membership to the steak of the month club for Mr. Ramsey. Afterall he did state his love of BBQ!!!


This guy is awesome!

Jeeze, Kurt, why you got such beef with Eda? lol


" Cause" before eda, Waterstreet's comments always had a certain "flair 2M." Whereas Eda gives advice & has been divorced.


70% of the country is divorced, lol. Personally, I would take advice from someone whose been there over someone in a miserable marriage. Just sayin


Agreed, nonconformist. What better advice than someone who has tried and failed? Failure is the best teacher. Unless your stupid and keep doing it over and over. :)