Reports: Missing Cleveland girls found alive

Amanda Berry missing since April 2003; Gina DeJesus since 2004
Sandusky Register Staff
May 6, 2013


Cleveland police have confirmed that Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus have been found in a home on Seymour Avenue, on Cleveland's west side, according to multiple Cleveland media outlets.

Amanda went missing on the evening of April 21, 2003, while walking home from her job at Burger King at West 110th and Lorain streets. She was 16 years old at the time.

Gina was last seen walking home from Wilbur Wright Middle School in Cleveland on April 2, 2004. She was 14 years old at the time.

Both girls had disappeared within blocks of each other, and the families of both have worked for years to keep the search efforts alive. 

For information on Amanda's disappearance, click here.

For information on Gina's disappearance, click here.

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Great they were found alive after all this time. Thats got to be some happy parents.


Yes I am sure they are very greatfull to have these two back and in one piece , but I am sure the parents have a thousand questions and I am sure the police do too , One can only hope they find the ones resposable before some other girls come up missing and are not so lucky

Thank God they are alive


Great news!! Thank God!!

2cents's picture

In my opinion, I would place the three brothers who did this in a single isolated dark cell together for thirty years. Ten years for each girl that lost ten years of her life, let's see how they like it. If we are lucky, they will kill each other the first year and save some tax dollars!


They won't last long.If they aren't put in isolation they will get a lot of sex !