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The Register has been trying to convince its readers it has been wrongly expelled from some area classrooms. I would suggest the art
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


The Register has been trying to convince its readers it has been wrongly expelled from some area classrooms. I would suggest the article, "Money down a foxhole," written by a Register staff person, appearing on the eve of Veterans Day, closes this dispute. The new question is, why haven't all area schools removed the Register?On of the tenets of education is the exposure of different opinions. Where are these different opinions in the Register? If the editors of the Register think it s great that one of them writes an article advocating Socialism, on what page is the article in favor of democracy? On what page is the article about our economy having lowered the national unemployment rate to 4.4 percent or the Dow being at an all-time high with over half our adult citizens owning stock, or the ravages created by the local drug culture?As parents, we eventually try to teach our children they are not the center of the universe. This is hard for children to understand, because for years we have treated them as if they were. Teachers then carry on this battle which hopefully did start with parents. Teachers need all the ammunition they can garner to wage this battle. Enter the Register. What's more important than the new makeup of congress, or the war in Iraq, or depressed wages caused by illegal immigration? That's right, students, it's Sherry Buccieri's tardy evaluation by the Perkins School Board. Way to teach our children that we aren't the center of it all. In case you missed the article that prompted my response, allow me to list the following excerpts presented as facts by Mr. Goodenow. The War on Terror was not caused by Sept. 11, 2001. It is an "unprovoked and disastrous war begun by the privileged few." Anyone have family that has served in any war this country has been in over the last 230 years? Of course you know our presidents "always sell wars as self defense." What about The Holocaust and Pearl Harbor, you ask? "World War II would not have been necessary if U.S. corporations had not built up Hitler and Mussilini."Mr. Goodenow's premise is that utopia would be ours by taking all the dollars we have spent on war for the last 230 years and have the government provide us with everything we could ever need. What he maliciously failed to include in this Veterans Day prelude is that the United States exists only because of our patriot soldiers and the proud citizens who have and do support them to this day. Chris WiedleClydeHere's the debate"Let the debate begin," wrote Commissioner Murray in a Register guest editorial referring to the proposed city hall relocation project. Six months has passed since the commission chose a developer for the project and the public is still in the dark. However, according to city commissioners I've spoken with, and calls from community members, it seems city staff has been meeting privately with select individuals and groups to discuss plan details in an effort to gather support for the project. Fifteen years ago, city leaders tried to sell city hall and the five adjacent acres for private development. Community emotions ran high. In five days enough petition signatures were gathered to place the issue on the ballot for a public vote. A lawsuit eventually halted the project.The current proposal has gotten too big, calling for private development on nearly 20 acres of Battery Park from the Sandusky Bay Pavilion continuing to city hall, $200,000 condominiums, offices and hotels that will displace public property enjoyed by the public for nearly 75 years. Imagine the reaction if city administrators proposed this type of project for Washington Park? City administrators are using the same catch phrases from 15 years ago to justify the current proposal. "$1 million is needed to improve the present building." The exact figure from 15 years ago. Over $300,000 was recently spent on air conditioning updates. Interior remodeling is recent. "City hall is too small." The building was designed for future expansion. In fact, at City Manager Will's 2006 State of the City address a display showed plans for a new city hall 10,000 square feet smaller than the existing hall. "The police department needs bigger and better facilities." Significant unused space at the city service complex would address the police department's needs. "No cost to taxpayers." The city has a poor track record when it comes to budgeting such projects. The Safety Service Complex cost $5 million over original estimates. "This project is about economic development." This community needs sustainable, well-paying jobs not projects providing short term financial stimulus, minimum wage jobs upon completion at the expense of lost public property and taxpayer dollars. "There is no avenue whereby commissioners can place the issue on the ballot." In fact, there are a number of ways to achieve a public vote, including a citizen initiated referendum petition drive.This project does not belong on public waterfront property. Perhaps the vacant Apex property on First Street?"A great place to live, work and play." Not the project. The debate has begun. Tim Schwanger, Sandusky