On the job: Toft's is pretty sweet gig

Flowing syrups, chocolate chips and fruit chunks make Toft's Ice Cream Division the place of a child's dream.
Melissa Topey
Nov 14, 2011


Flowing syrups, chocolate chips and fruit chunks make Toft's Ice Cream Division the place of a child's dream.

Toft's has been making the sweet treat since 1930. Today the company produces 3 million ice cream containers per year.

It all starts at 11 p.m. when about 20,000 gallons of milk is delivered by local dairy farmers. Most of that is processed as milk, but each morning some is mixed with solids and a liquid mix to form the base of the ice cream. As that mixture is churned, it thickens into the proper consistency. Extra flavoring and items then infuse the mix.

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The next time you pick up a container of ANY brand of ice cream, look at the list of ingredients.



In response to the statement that all kids love Tofts ice cream ? well then I must be a kid at 50 years old , cause as far as I am concerned Toft is off the charts .And the milk to is the best . It stays fresher longer then the other brands , and most of all it supports the local workers .Keep up the good work .

Taxed Enough Already

 I agree, Toft's is the BEST.  I can tell a difference and I love Toft's dairy products!



 I am suddenly craving a Banana Split..


The best part about Toft's are Bob & Glen Bango. Those two fellas have worked that ice cream counter since I was a little boy. You ever want a TRUE cherry coke, go to Toft's and have them make you one from scratch. That's a long lost art. Heck with this garbage you get out of an aluminum can - a fresh made cherry coke in a wax paper cup is true blue, baby!

And the ice cream rocks this world, too.


Tofts ice cream sucks! Ice cream starts with cream not milk, it has cane sugar, not corn syrup, gar gum, poly sorbate, artificial flavors, and other junk.  Plus they put too much air in it.

Make your own at home with cream, sugar, and real fruit. Taste what ice cream should taste like!

old dog

Something has changed in their formula over the years. It used to be the best, but when you buy it in the stores now, it has a very short shelf life and turns to goo and bad flavers. We don't buy it anymore.